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Recoding using the Utilities Menu

1. Open bdeshd1.sav

2. Go Utilities and click on Variables.

3. Click twice on the gray variable label at the top of the column for ACPRVF  to open the Define Variable box.  This gives you options for altering the variables labeling, type and values.  You can also get into this option by clicking Data in the menu and then Define Variable.

4.  Select the box for Missing Values and then click on the dot marked Discrete missing values.   Type in the value that was out of range 64.3.

5.  Click on Continue and then OK.

**If you are cleaning the dataset, you should also set the 99.9 in the ACPRVM to missing as well.


To check that the exercise has worked, you can run descriptives to see what the minimum and maximum values are for that variable.  Use the following steps to check that 64.3 is now missing in ACPRVF.

1.  Click on Statistics, Summarize, and Descriptives.

2.  Enter ACPRVF in the variable box and click on OK.

ex11_1.jpg (17402 bytes)

The variable now has a maximum of 29.2, so the missing value method worked...the 64.3 is gone.

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