Associations of WAZ and HAZ

in Kenya East Data Set

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Exercise in running a scatterplot of waz and haz in Kenya data:

1.  Open keast4j.sav

2.  Click on Graph, Scatter and enter waz in the Y-axis slot and haz in the X-axis slot.

3.  Click on OK.

ex7_2.jpg (44292 bytes)


INTERPRETATION:  Notice how you could draw a slanted line from the bottom left up and to the right. This indicates a linear association between height-for-age and weight-for-age, where the lower the height for the age, the lower the weight for the age.  There is an expected association between these two variables.  In fact, it is expected that weight for age will be associated to some extent with both height for age and weight for height, since it is supposed to be estimating both chronic and acute malnutrition in one variable (although it is not a perfect estimation).