Final Check on Child Level File

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Try the following exercise to practice a final check of the child level file in SPSS.

1. Sort the CHILDFIN.SAV file by V001 and V002 (cluster number and household number). For several cases throughout the file, write down the number of children with the same V001 and V002 variables. The list may look like this:

V001 V002 #children
1 5 3
1 16 2
1 44 1
1 61 1


This tells you how many children there were per household. Now, go back to EX100.SAV and sort by V001 and V002 (if not already sorted). Check if there are three children for V001=1 and V002=5. In other words, make sure HWIDX$1=1 and HWIDX$2=2 and HWUDX$3=3.


2. You could also check the age of the children in each household (HW1) in CHILDFIN.SAV to make sure that the gap between their ages makes sense. Unless there are twins, the age between any two children should not differ by less than (about) 10 months.