Merging Child Level Files

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Try the following  exercise to merge child level data:


1. Open the CHILD1.SAV file (n=49).

2. Select DATA/MERGE FILES/ADD CASES. Type CHILD2.SAV in the "Filename___" box (n=20 cases). Then click OPEN.

3. The final file will be "untitled" (see top of screen) and contain 69 cases. Check that all variables are included. If not, there may have been an error in renaming them.

4. When everything is satisfactory, SAVE the file with a new name (e.g. CHILD1&2.SAV).

5. To add cases from CHILD3.SAV, start with CHILD1&2.SAV, and repeat steps 2 through 4 as follows:

for step 2, type CHILD3.SAV in the "Filename__" box (n=3).

for step 3, there should be 72 cases.

For step 4, SAVE the file as CHILDFIN.SAV.

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