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Chapter 1: Using Nutritional Data:

Complete the following tasks to test your understanding of the material presented in this chapter, if you have any questions, use the analysis package for assistance. Answers to these questions can be obtained through the link at the end of the questioning section.

1)  List three variables for each of the following categories:

Outcome (including anthropometry and micronutrient deficiencies)

2)  Using the keast4j.sav data set, perform transformations of child's weight, height and age, to create anthropometric indices (weight/age, height/age, and weight/height).

a)  What are the standard cut-off points for mild, moderate and severe undernutrition?

3)  Read the "Z-scores by hand calculation" section in Chapter 6. Using the reference data given for girls age 0-36 months, calculate the weight for age Z score and classify (normal, mild, moderate, or severely malnourished) the following females:

Weight (kg)    Age (months)

                                 5.5                       5
                                 8.1                     25
                                 7.5                     13

4)  Considering the UNICEF conceptual framework of causes of malnutrition list the immediate causes of childhood malnutrition.

a)  What are the underlying causes of childhood malnutrition?

b)  What are some program interventions that can improve childhood malnutrition? (note: this is a very general question)


Compare your results with the Chapter One Testing Questions answer key.