Scatterplot for Bangladesh

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The following lesson will create a scatterplot of the Prevalence of low arm circumference by Division.  The individual points on the graph will be labeled as the districts that fall within each Division. 

1.  Open bdeshc.sav in SPSS 8.0

2.  Click on Graphs, Scatter and then click on the box labeled Simple and then click Define.

3.  Select the variable acprvfm (low arm circumference prevalence for males and females) and move it into the Y-axis box on the left.

4.  Select the variable div (Division) and move it into the X-axis box on the left.

5.  Click on Title and enter a desirable title, then click Continue and OK.

6.  Double click on the Output chart to make it editable (the Chart editor will open).  In the Menu, click on Chart, Options and select Case labels, ON, ID Variable and click OK.

A chart similar to the one that follows should appear on your output screen.


wpe6.jpg (18265 bytes)

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