Writing the Program in EPI-INFO

set noecho=on

set split=off

read kenya1.rec

erase kensm1.rec

route kensm1.rec

write recfile caseid sex chage chdht chdwt


Explanation of program: The first two lines are just to free up some memory in the system to make it run faster. The command read kenya1.rec tells the system to use that particular file. It should be in the Epi6 folder on your computer's hard drive. The 'erase' command also helps the program to run faster. It always precedes the 'route' command when creating a new .rec file. So you are essentially telling the computer to look in the kenya.rec file and to create a new file with the variables caseid sex chage chdht chdwt in it. The new file will be called kensm1.rec. To exit EPED, push the F10 button. The system will ask you to name the program. You will name it kenya1.pgm. Note that .pgm is the usual extension for program files in Epi-Info.

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