Writing the Program in EPI-INFO

set noecho=on

set split=off

read kensm1.rec

erase kensm2.rec

route kensm2.rec

write recfile caseid whz waz haz

read kenya.rec

erase kenya2.rec

route kenya2.rec

relate caseid kensm2.rec

write recfile

Explanation of program: Lines 2 through 6 are the first program which simply creates another .rec file with only the unique identifier and the z-score variables in it. There would be problems if we added the child age, sex, weight, and height variables to the kenya1.rec file since they are already in that file. We only want to add the new variables here. The second part of the program then merges those 4 variables caseid whz waz haz with the kenya1.rec to create the kenya2.rec. The computer uses the caseid variable to match the anthropometric variables with the cases in the larger file in the following command: relate caseid kensm2.rec.

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