RightSize Sample Size (SRS Proportion) Tutorial

This brief tutorial will show you how to use RightSize to calculate sample sizes for surveys using simple random sampling.  Here is a list of other statistical software packages and a brief description of each:  CENVAR, CLUSTERS, Epi Info, PC CARP, Stata, SUDAAN, VPLX, and WesVarPC


1. Open RightSize (a new box will appear)

We are going to use the same data as the first example from Chapter 2, Page 1 of PANDA Survey Methods.

2. Under target population size type 1,000,000

3. Under estimated proportion in the target population type 10

4. Under confidence interval type 5

5. Under confidence coefficient type 95

6. Click OK (a new box will appear showing the sample size calculation.  It should be 139). 


Is this the same sample size we calculated in PANDA?  Before or after adding 10%?

Try using RightSize for the second example in PANDA before continuing with the sample size lesson.