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Curriculum Vitae

Educational Record

1988-92 Combined B.S. and M. Sc. Chemical Engineering, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden
Master-Thesis advisor: Prof. Andrew Miller, Imperial College, London, Thesis Title: Biochemical characterization of heat-chock protein lysyl-tRNAtransferase (LysU gene)

1993-96 Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden
Advisor: Prof. Bengt Norden, Thesis Title: Intelligent nucleic acid interactions with peptide nucleic acids and in recombination proteins

1997-98 Post-doctoral fellow California Institute of Technology, Beckman Institute, Pasadena, CA
Advisor: Prof. Harry B Gray, Topic: Electron-transfer triggered folding of redox proteins

Professional Appointments

1999 Assistant Professor Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Honors and Awards

1991,1992 Stipend from the Adelbertska Foundation

1993 John Ericson Medal: Awarded the most excellent Chalmers graduate

1994 Lennander's Award

1994,1995 Stipends from the Gunvor & Josef Aner Foundation

1997-1998 Technical Research Council, Sweden: Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1998 Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award

2000 Newcomb College Mortar Board Teaching Award

2000 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award

2001- Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry Department, Tulane University

2001 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

2001 Albert Wallin’s Science Award from the Gothenburg Royal Academy of Science and Art

Research Support

2001 Louisiana Board of Regents LEQSF(1999-02)-RD-A-39 Metalloprotein folding

1999-2000 Co-PI (with V John, M Herman, K Papadopoulos, S Landry), NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant for NMR upgrade; CTS-9977269

1999 Tulane LAS Centers for Scholars New Orleans Protein Folding Inter Group

2000-2001 ACS-PRF Starter G Grant Folding and assembly of oligomeric protein
2000 Newcomb Foundation Individual Grant, Tulane Summer-student salary

1999 Cancer Association for Greater New Orleans (CAGNO) Delivery of genetic drugs

2003 NSF Grant MCB-0075902 Role of cofactors in protein folding

2001-2006 NIH R01GM59663-01A2 Role of cofactors in beta-sheet protein folding

2001 Co-PI (with W Wimley, S Landry, J Nolan, T Bishop) Louisiana Board of Regents
Enhancement Fund, Instrumentation

2001-2004 Co-PI (with W Wimley, S Landry, J Nolan, T Bishop) Tulane Wall Fund

Committee and Other Services

1995-1996 Chemistry Department Board, Chalmers University, Sweden

1998 Co-organizer, Nobel Workshop: Gene-Targeted Drugs, Stockholm, Sweden

1999-2002 Co-director, Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program, Tulane University

1999 Scientific Advisor, Natural Science Research Council, Sweden (Chemistry Section)

1999 Member: Tulane Cancer Center and Center for Bioenvironmental Research

2000 Application Review Committee SPRITE (Summer Pipeline Research Initiative: The Tulane Experience)

2001 Committee member, Center for Scholars of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tulane University

1999 Member, Chemistry Department Graduate Affairs Committee

2000- Member, Search Committee Clair B. Luce Professorship

2000 Design and preparation of new Graduate Chemistry Brochure

2001 Design and preparation of new Graduate Chemistry Poster

2001 Scientific-Program Organizer, Nobel Jubilee Symposium, Dec 4-6, Stockholm, Sweden

Advisor for students


Irina Pozdnyakova (5th year graduate student Chemistry)
David Apiyo (4th year graduate student Chemistry)

Katherine Jones (3rd year graduate student Molecular and Cellular Biology Program)
Catherine Higgins (2nd year graduate student Chemistry)
Jesse Claiborne (1st year graduate student Chemistry)
Susanne Griffin and Andrea Vitello (undergraduate students)
Jesse Guidry (staff; laboratory supervisor)


Johan Kajanus (1994 M.Sc,, Chalmers, Sweden)
Malin Ardhammar (1996 M.Sc., Chalmers, Sweden)
Michael Suh (1998 Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURF), Caltech, LA)

Graduate student committees

Smriti Koodanjeri (Dr. Ramamurthy, Chemistry)
Joshua Rausch (Dr. Wimley, Biochemistry)
PH Lakshminarasimhan (Dr. Ramamurthy, Chemistry)
Charlene Keh (Dr. Li, Chemistry)
Matthewos Eshete (Dr Alworth, Chemistry)
Ann-Margret Anderson (Dr Schmehl, Chemistry)
Alison Krieger (Dr. Blake, Opthamology)
Karen Gerlach (Dr. Landry, Biochemistry)
Jennifer Brightwell (Dr. Colombo, Psychology)
Frank Shewmaker (Dr. Landry, Biochemistry)


Sweden: Class-lecturing (1995-96) and laboratory instructor (1993-95) in:

Thermodynamics undergraduate-level
Physical Chemistry undergraduate-level
Biophysical Chemistry graduate-level.

Tulane: Spring 1999 Special Topics in Biological Chemistry "Protein Folding" graduate-level

Spring 1999 Tulane Science Scholars Program, targeting exceptional high-school students

Fall 1999, 2000 Introduction to Biochemistry (Chem-383/683) undergraduate/graduate-level

Spring 2000 General Chemistry (Chem-108) undergraduate-level

Spring 2000 Honors Thesis Committee: Erica Bayly, Physics

Fall 2000 Honors Thesis Committee: Michelle Kirian, Biology

Spring 2001 Physical Chemistry-II (Chem-312), Special Topics graduate-level (Chem-714)

Spring 2001 Honors Thesis Committees: Michael Zeringue; Biology
Joshua Yukich; Chemistry


1996 4th Swedish-German Workshop on Nucleic Acids, Reisenburg Castle, Germany

1997 10th Conversion of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, Albany, NY

1998 Gordon Graduate Research Seminar Bioinorganic Chemistry, Ventura, CA

1998 ISIS Pharmaceuticals Inc., Carlsbad, CA (invited lecturer)

1998 Department of Chemical Physics, NIDDK, NIH, Bethesda (invited lecturer)

1999 Department of Biochemistry, Tulane Medical School (invited lecturer)

2000 Woman-In-Science Organization Tulane University

Poster Presentations

1993 8th Conversion in the Disipline of Biomolecular Stereodynamics, Albany, NY International Meeting on DNA Recognition, Helsingor, Denmark

1994 Gordon Conference: Proton & Membrane Reactions, Ventura, CA

CNRS Conference Jacues Monod Drugs Acting on Nucleic Acids, Aussois, France

Euchem: Bioinorganic Chemistry of Cupper, Hindas, Sweden

1995 Antisense Nucleic-Acid Conference, Garmich, Germany

Recombination: Biological consequences and mechanisms, Avignon, France

1996 Thereapeautic Oligonucleotides, Rome, Italy

XIIth International Biophysics Congress, Amsterdam, Holland

1997 17th Int. Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, San Fransisco, CA

1998 EMBO Workshop Protein Folding and Misfolding, Oxford, UK John Hopkins Protein Folding Meeting, Baltimore, VA. Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans (2 student posters)

2000 Summer Symposium: Protein and RNA folding, Penn State, State College, PA

Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Boston (2 student posters)

2002 Gordon Graduate Research Seminar in Bioinorganic Chemistry (student speech and poster)

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