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pernilla’s research group

Jesse's Pubs

Jesse Guidry (B.Sc.) Staff Scientist

Jesse has many years of laboratory experience as well as some years as a scientific instrument salesman. He is now responsible for the running and maintenance of our major equipment as well as purchasing of supplies. He also greatly assists Pernilla in supervising the students and farming out potential research areas. Due to his excellent skills in molecular biology, he is our expert in preparation of protein mutants. He also performs research on folding and assembly of a Beta-barrel chaperonin protein that oligomerizes into 7-mer rings.
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Murali's Pubs

B.K. Muralidhara (Ph.D.) Post Doctoral Fellow (2002-present)

Murali comes from Mysore, India, where he received his M.Sc & Ph.D in Biochemistry from The University of Mysore. He also held a Postdoctoral Fellow (1998-2000) at Kyoto University, Japan.

He works on preparation, kinetics and thermodynamics characterization of the folding, of various derivatives of flavodoxin.
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Kathy's Pubs

Kathryn Jones (B.Sc.) 4th year graduate student (1999-present)

Kathy is a Molecular and Cellular Biology student who did her undergraduate work at Princeton.

Lyme disease is a severe disease caused by infectious tick. Kathy is investigating diagnostic properties of peptides derived from an invariable region of the spirochete surface protein VlsE that is immuno-dominant. In addition, she characterizing the full-length VlsE protein.
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Cathy's Pubs

Cathy Higgins (B.Sc.) 3rd year graduate student (2000-present)

Cathy Higgins is a Chemistry graduate student who comes from William & Mary in Virginia.

Ferredoxins have iron-sulfur clusters as cofactors. Cathy studies various such proteins from thermophilic organisms to learn more about factors governing thermostability as well as the role of these cofactors.
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Susanne's Pubs

Susanne Griffin 4th year undergraduate student (1999-present)

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Andrea's Pubs

Andrea Vitello 4th year undergraduate student (1999-present)

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Irina's Pubs

Irina Pozdnyakova (Ph.D.)
Post Doctoral Fellow (2002-2003), Graduate Student (1999-2002)

Irina came to us from St Petersburg, Russia. She received her Ph.D. from Tulane University working in Pernilla's Group. She then kindly stayed on as a post-doctoral fellow to aid the transition of Azurin's work before continuing her research career at Yale University.
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David's Pubs

David Apiyo (Ph.D.)
Graduate Student (1998-2003)

David came from Nairobi, Kenya. He performed biophysical characterization of the folding and stability of flavodoxin, a yellow protein binding an organic cofactor, Flavin Mononucleotide (FMN). David continues his research career at The University of Central Florida.
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