Public Health Schools Without Wall

The Public Health Schools Without Walls (PHSWOW) Project is funded by The Rockefeller Foundation with technical support from Tulane University.

The PHSWOW initiative was introduced by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1992 to build the capacity in developing countries to train postgraduate level public health personnel with the technical, managerial and leadership competencies required to run increasingly decentralized health systems. The first PHSWOW Masters in Public Health (NTH) training program was launched in Zimbabwe in 1993 at the University of Zimbabwe, Department of Community Medicine, the second in Uganda in 1994 at the Institute of Public Health (IPH), Makerere University, and the third in Ghana in 1995 at the University of Ghana. While there are still no graduates from the two-year Ugandan program or the one year Ghanaian program, the two-year Zimbabwe program has already produced two cohorts of graduates. The three programs are establishing close linkages with each other, sharing materials and providing technical assistance to each other when needed.

The PHSWOW programs are gaining visibility as models of competency-based, field-oriented public health training programs in Africa. An increasing number of institutions interested in developing or revamping their public health training programs, have expressed an interest in linking up with the PHSWOW network. To permit a wider dissemination of experiences and materials between public health institutions in Africa, the Foundation is supporting the newly established Network of African Public Health Institutions (NAPHI), a regional network of graduate-level public health institutions in Africa the Secretariat of which is currently located at the Institute of Public Health at Makerere University.


Program Information:

The Department of Community Medicine, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

The Institute of Public Health, Makerere University, Uganda

School of Public Health, University of Ghana

Ziare School of Public Health, University of Kinshasa, Ziare

Sample Curriculum Workshop - Zimbabwe

Last Updated on March 03, 1997