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WWF wordlist update

ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon) is a wordlist Here is what Bananagrammer says about it:

In contrast to other word lists, the ENABLE list has not been
crippled by being limited to words under an arbitrary length. The
ENABLE list is eminently suitable for most word games, such as
Anagrams and Clabbers, and for crossword puzzle solving, rather
than just for Scrabble. A great deal of research has gone into
removing this limitation, however the list is much the better for

WWF wordlist is based on ENABLE, with some additions and subtractions. One site, posted these 5 years ago, so expect changes:
WWF added 406 words to ENABLE: assets/enable1-wwf-v4.0-wordlist.txt
WWF deleted 104 words from ENABLE: assets/enable1-wwf-v4.0-wordlist-deletions.txt.

WWF has added FI (a musical note name like do, re, mi, ...), but Scrabble doesn't have it yet. In the last couple of years some more have been added to the two-letter word (which is updated:

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