BMEN Undergraduate Academic Advising

The intent of this page is to provide links useful for planning, executing, or auditing a program leading the the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering at Tulane University.

Problems registering for Team Design Projects: BMEN403 explained
Tulane Undergraduate Core Curriculum [if entered F06 or later]
The Blue Book is the departmental rules and advice for the curriculum.
It is available as a hard copy from the departmental office, 500 Lindy Boggs Center, or the .PDF version here.
The Registrar handles grade records, transcripts, and registration.
course offerings |||| BMEN offerings |||| academic calendars |||| School of Engineering graduation requirements.
Tips for freshman registration (available when active)
HUSSEL info and lists
premed stuff
Rice's BME degree audit form
Professional Electives, etc.
Each BME student will have an academic advisor and a faculty advisor.  The
academic advisor is a member of and is assigned by the Academic Counselling

Each BME class has one or two faculty class advisors assigned for the duration.
One of these will be assigned as a student's individual faculty advisor, but each 
student may request this to be changed to any member of the faculty.

class         advisor(s)

bmeclassof10: Dr. Gaver, Dr Murfee
bmeclassof11: Dr. Anderson, Dr. Moore
bmeclassof12: Dr. Walker, Dr. Khismatullin
bmeclassof13: Dr. Ahsan, Dr. Gaver
bmeclassof14: Dr. Murfee, Dr. Shevkoplyas
Professor Rice may be able to
answer questions or provide additional advice.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Dean Martinez must approve the transfer of credits or other variations of the curriculum.