D. A. Rice

     In order to ensure the best possible recommendation, please
provide the following materials:

[]   A means to reach you if there are questions.

[]   Your resume or vita.

[]   A copy of your transcript, a grade list, GPA, or some
     other indicator of your academic skills.  Remind me
     which courses you have taken with me, when you took it,
     and what grade you earned.  Remind me also of any
     special projects you have done, or other noteworthy

[]   A statement of your goals and motivation as it applies
     to the recommendation.  This should be no longer than
     one page.  Include both immediate and long-term goals. 
     If you are unsure of your goals, pick a viable set. 
     Doing so avoids the appearance of being wishy-washy, a
     sure-fire way to get a rejection.  Relate prior
     experience and training and other qualities that make
     you a person worthy of acceptance into the position for
     which you are applying.  Explain how your past and
     current efforts apply to this end.  Mentioning
     extracurricular activities and avocations demonstrates
     that you are well-rounded and avoids giving the
     impression that you are shallow and narrow minded.

[]   The appropriate forms, addresses, and instructions for
     the recommender.  Include a DEADLINE.  Be sure to fill
     out the forms completely (including YOUR NAME and mine
     where appropriate).  SIGN THEM where indicated.

[]   If you have had a previous recommendation from me, tell
     me when it was done and who received it.

[]   A draft of my letter about you.