Tulane Senior Engineering Design Teams 2007-2008

See our design show!
Saturday, 2/16/2008, from 1 to 3 pm,
in the lobby of the Boggs Center   Bldg 15--where to park   Campus Map
Free and open to the public!

Team Smooth Operators   brochure
Roy Dory, Karthik Kura, Jay Mattappally, Karl Runbeck
We are designing a TV/Stereo controller for a person with MD

Team Spirit   brochure
Jesse Compo, Peter Navarro, Will Sprott, Ben Wheatley
We will make a smart medication dispenser with reminding and logging

Team Hot and Grounded   brochure
John-Michael Johnson, Mark McCloskey, Scott Seidman
We design improved electrical systems for off road vehicles

Team Engineering Hope   brochure
Trivia Frazier, Joe Kramer, Bryan Molter, Mark Young
We are creating a call responder for avocal hospitalized patients

Team Geaux   brochure
Sean Granier, Sam LaBruyere, Jacob Wymore
Our art is the transmission of energy for OTR vehicles

Team Enable-ity  brochure
David Ladd, Brooke Lovett, Gina Sequeira, Samantha Warren
Our incentive exerciser will keep autistic children calm and on task
in a classroom while giving the teacher feedback on performance.

Team Nerd-vana   brochure
Shoib Bajaj, Chaitanya Nandipati, Stephanie Roberts, Samantha Weil
Our standing system will assist a paraplegic pharmacist to function better

Team The body Builders   brochure
Brian Bell, Ray Ely, Jonathan Pozo, J Willis
Frame and suspensions for off road vehicles are our forté

Team < Insert Name Here >   brochure
DéJeune Antoine, Laurin Buettner, Scott Jennings, Ashok Manepalli
Our system for our client with brittle bone disease allows her to see out of her van

Team Life Designs, Inc.  brochure
Eric Franca, William Kethman, Westbrook Weaver, Lee White
Our integrated audio communication system assists wheelchair users on the walk

Team Totally Exciting Acrobatic Mammals  brochure
Taylor Moss, Anne Marie Norman, Molly Oehmichen, Noel Schexnayder
Our client age 4 needs help with walking, transport, and protection from falls

Team Procrastinasties brochure
Elaine Horn, Raeanna Poplus, Jesse Ranney, Brent Smith
Our classroom needs an accessible wash station for hands

Also present will be two in-progress individual projects relating to sports:
A wheelchair soccer catch and shoot attachment   Nicci Lehrer
A remote control golf putter   Justin Cooper

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