Tulane Senior Engineering Design Teams 2011-2012

See our design show!
Saturday, 3/03/2012, from 1 to 3 pm,
in the lobby of the Boggs Center  
Bldg 15-- where to park   Campus Map
Free and open to the public!

Team Α–TEAM    Our brochure
James (Griff) Poindexter, Mei Wang, Sithira Ratnayaka, Theresa Yee
Mentor: Dr. Martinez
Panel: Drs. Oertling & Walker
We are designing fun chair with incentive feedback for a child with CP (f)

Team Tortoise Δ    brochure    Slow and steady wins the race.
Andria Civitella, Michelle Garner, Shishi (Rosemary) Wu, Xiao Zhou
Mentor: Dr. Kishmatullin
Fanel: Drs. Murfee & Ahsan
We are designing a guitar playing aid for a person with a stroke (g)

Team Critical Mass Η  Our brochure  
Ben Bullock, Caroline (Michelle) Fryar, Mathew (Mat) Triscott, Michael (Mike) Coletti
Mentor: Dr. Oertling
Panel: Drs. Aung & Moore
Observers: Rikki Hardin, Alie Eiseman
We are designing a balance and coordination practice system for a developmentally delayed child with ataxia

Team TNPL548 Ω  Our brochure  
Erica Winterer, Jordan Bryan, Matthew Van Houten, Robert (Bob) Lathrop
Mentor: Dr. Walker
Panel: Drs. Wang & Dancisak
We are designing an environmental controller for a person who lost motor control because of stroke

Team HELP Ψ    Our brochure
Elliot Neal, Luke Dantin, Nguyen Hoang, Stephen Pagones
Mentor: Dr. Anderson
Panel: Drs. Aung & Dancisak
Observers: Russ Guidry, Stephen Lee
We are designing a standing support system for a child with cerebral palsy (i)

Team Math Blasters Ρ  Our brochure
Kimberly (Kim) Larkin, Margaret (Molly) Kelly-Goss, Patrick Mackay, Sarah Davis
Mentor: J. Sullivan
Panel: Drs. Walker & Dancisak
Observers: Russ Guidry, Stephen Lee
We are designing an exerciser feedback system for a classroom for kids with autism (d')

Team Laminar Flow Σ  Our brochure
Atman Dave, Kristina Farragut, Matthew Giannetti,
Mentor: Dr. Murfee
Panel: Drs. Moore and Anderson
We are designing a one-hand wheel lock control for residents of a nursing home (c)

Team Winning Ζ  Our brochure
Clarice Balconi-Lamica, John Weems, Kristina Butron, Michael Buki
Mentor: Dr. Oertling
Faculty Panel: Drs. Walker & Murfee
We are designing a coordinated communicator system for a person with quadriplegia (h)