Note: Purchasing is the only division of Tulane that is
authorized to commit university managed funds for goods and
services. Therefore it is university policy that: 
  1. All orders must be approved by the instructional staff.
  2. Present the completed Excel form along with a memo of justification. Include literature, price quotes, etc., as appropriate.
  3. Orders for bulk items, e.g. wood, metal plate or strips, etc., must be accompanied with shop plans for the final product. If the instructional staff has trouble understanding the plans, or if there seems to be a better way to fabricate an item, then the order request may be returned for more information.
  4. Be sure to write or type clearly.
  5. The first column is the Line_Item_Number, numbered sequentially 1, 2, 3, ...
  6. Note that the entries into the EXTENDED TOTAL column are the results of multiplying each unit price by the quantity ordered.
  7. Entries into the QUANTITY column indicate the number of the appropriate units of measure (U/M) you are ordering (For example: you order 2 cases of flasks with the part number 123-456. Each case costs $20.32 and contains 12 flasks. Then enter "2" in the QUANTITY column, "case" in the U/M column and in the DESCRIPTION space enter "123-456 case of 12 flasks, 500 mL, pyrex." The unit price is $20.32 and the extended total for this line is $40.64.)
  8. Be realistic when you specify a delivery date.
  9. After filling out the P.O., deliver it and a cover memo of justification to the TA.
  10. No purchases will be made until approved by the instructional staff. Nothing will happen until the request is approved. Be mindful of the estimated limit of approximately $1000 for each team. Expense requests beyond this limit might not be honored.
  11. If a vendor will allow you pick up the items you need, say so on the PO form. Do not try to pick up items until you have authorization and appropriate paperwork.
  12. Because it is often counterproductive for team members to all initiate inquiries to the instructional staff, the staff will not accept or respond to communication about purchase orders unless they come from the current Team Leader. Email or memos are the preferred means for communicating with the instructional staff, but all purchase order requests must still come on approved forms. Minor corrections may be made, subject to the approval of the TA.
  13. When you receive the requested items, you must sign for them. Each team has a standard form for this.
  14. Each team will be charged an order processing fee of $50 for each order.