PROGRESS REPORTS shall be printed and submitted with a memo of
transmittal to the instructor on the deadline.  Late reports will
be derated.  Report quality goes into leader grade.  Team effort
reflected by the report goes to team grade, so no report, no team
Report content will include as a minimum (except as noted):



     Period covered
     Team name

     Team leader

     Summary of the current state of affairs (as of report date):

      a   Description of project including client, client needs, 
          design goals, engineering approach, expected form and
          function, things that need to be completed or revised,

      b   Proportion of project completed (by activity). 

      c   Proportion of time spent: compare total time
          accumulated to planned time accumulated.

      d   Estimate rate of progress.  Identify important
          unknowns.  Include revised Gantt chart
          if necessary. (Accurate estimates are important.)

     Summary of period.

      e   Hours spent by hours planned.  Do this by person and by
          activity.  Include marginal sums and totals for all team
          members.  In a separate table put time spent by team
          mentor and observers.

      f   Significant events:  Milestones; unexpected problems;
          successes; failures; etc.

      g   Performance evaluation of each individual.


     An example report follows:

------MEMO FORMAT------
[team name on letterhead optional] November 15, 2525 TO: D. Rice FROM: N. Nero, PMMA team leader RE: Progress report, 11/1-11/15, 2525 Attached is the regular progress report for the PMMA team for the period November 1, 2525 to November 15, 2525. [heads up and other info or questions is permitted, e.g.:] Our planning sessions during the last week indicate that we will need to meet with our client to make measurements before we can order materials.
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PERIODIC PROGRESS REPORT November 15, 2525 for the period November 1 to November 15, 2525 by Nanny Nero, Team Leader PMMA Project Summary Our team is designing the BIC (Be-In-Control) Myoelectric Trainer System. The BIC consists of a preamp/electrode system, a controller, a communicator board, and a page turner. The communicator board will also serve as a artist's paint mixing palette. These are being designed for our client, Eric, who is a double above the elbow amputee. He is 9 years old and is continuing his fourth grade education after his accident. He has difficulty in classwork involving painting or reading books. These were favorite activities, and continuing them is important in both his education and in his rehabilitation. The communicator board and page turner will serve as incentive devices to help Eric use and develop his remaining capacity. The team has completed the selection of incentive devices and is proceeding to characterize the controller logic requirements. During the next two weeks we will refine the truth tables and select between alternative mechanisms needed to operate the incentive devices. Total proportion of time spent is 67 out of the estimated 550 or 12% of the work hours allotted for the project. Physical progress is difficult to estimate because much of our time was spent in organizational and planning activities. Future reports will include a table of progress by activity (summary Gantt chart), but this time it was submitted, by request, under separate cover. This chart shows that the project is right on schedule. Period Summary (11/1/2525 - 11/15/2525) During this period, the PMMA team spent most of its time doing planning, literature searches, establishment of goals, and initial selection of alternatives. The most significant achievement is that the initial planning has been completed and the specific goals have been defined. TIME USE hours spent by (hours planned) |==================|========================================|=========| | Activity\ member | NN YAM MAY SAM | TOTAL | |==================|========================================|=========| | project planning | 10 8 5 5 | 28 | | | (5) (5) (5) (5) | (20) | | | | | | literature search| 0 0 5 10 | 15 | | | (0) (0) (5) (5) | (10) | | | | | | goal/alternative | 5 3 3 3 | 14 | | selection | (5) (5) (5) (5) | (20) | | | | | | report writing | 10 0 0 0 | 10 | | | (5) (0) (0) (0) | (5) | |==================|========================================|=========| | Total | 25 11 13 18 | 67 | | | (15) (10) (15) (15) | (55) | |==================|========================================|=========| Note: Planning includes a 1-hour team meeting with our client and his therapist. Total work hours for the period is 67. Total hours spent in group work is 32. Total hours spent in team activities not related to team project was 6 (pizza out). It was not realized how much of the workload would fall to the team leader. Compensation for this extra effort will be included in future planning. Personnel Evaluation All group members shouldered the load and worked well together. NN performed beyond expectations, and turned in a stellar periodic report, but was a bad time planner. Performance rating is Good. YAM met expectations. His load was lightened because of a midterm. Performance: Satisfactory. MAY met expectations. Performance: Good. SAM went beyond expectation, and provided a valuable set of references. Period performance: Excellent. Appendices Attach here supplemental materials. These will include a current Gantt chart and any specially requested special reports or other material as appropriate.