chapter 7 part 1 note 4

The partners in Jazzville Ten -- Jazzville Ten eventually became Harrah's-Jazzville, then Harrah's Jazz, then, the post bankruptcy reincoproration name, Jazz Casino -- all Louisianians and all well connected to Gov. Edwards and his regime. They are as follows:

1. Wendell Gauthier, spokesman for the group. Metairie, Louisiana personal injury lawyer, seen as one of the top in the country -- he and John Cummings III represented victims in several disaster cases including the MGM Grand Hotel fire in Las Vegas. Longtime friend of Gov. Edwards and Aaron Boussard, then-mayor of Kenner, Louisiana.

2. John Cummings III, New Orleans personal injury lawyer. Close to Wendell Gauthier with whom he owns several Warehouse District buildings. Close to power politicians such as Gov. Edwards, State Representative Sherman Copelin, and Aaron Boussard.

3. Carl Eberts, owner of Century Graphics in Metairie, the state's largest printing firm. Close to Aaron Broussard and owns property with former Jefferson Parish District Attorney John Mamoulides.

4. Calvin Fayard, Denham Springs, Louisiana trial lawyer. Was Denham Springs city attorney from 1978-1991. Has been major campaign contributor to Aaron Broussard, Gov. Edwards, and Public Service Commissioner Louis Lambert.

5. Ronnie Lamarque, owns three New Orleans area Ford dealerships. Owns, with Louis Roussel III, Risen Star, winner of 1988 Preakness and Belmont Stakes. Pleaded guilty in 1986 to filing false income tax return, a misdemeanor charge.

6. Brunell Moliere owns A Minority Entity, a St. Charles Parish based janitorial firm, that has New Orleans airport contract and does business in seven states. Has given at least $27,000 to Mayor Barthelemy's campaigns since 1985. His company is the country's seventy-eighth largest black-owned company, according to Black Enterprise magazine.

7. Duplain "Pete" Rhodes III, top executive with Rhodes Enterprises in New Orleans, which operates a funeral home, insurance companies, and limousine service.

8. Louis Roussel III, Metairie lawyer, investment manager and horse breeder, owner, and trainer. Owned New Orleans Fair Ground in late 1980s. His father, a financier, has been one of Gov. Edwards' closest friends and biggest backers, contributing or lending more than $600,000 during the 1987 campaign.

9. Michael St. Martin, Houma, Louisiana trial lawyer. President, Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association, a strong Edwards backer.

10. T. George Solomon Jr. lives in Hammond, Louisiana. Was top executive with family-owned Gulf States Theatres, Board of City Bank and Trust, which he formed with his brother Gary. He is Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown's brother-in-law (Bridges 1992).

According to Fortune, it was Gov. Edwards who urged Harrah's to join forces with Gauthier's group, which they did in a matter of weeks after Edwards' suggestion (Elkind 1997, 167).