Abitur - difficult exam that German students take, of which their score determines whether or not they will gain admittance to university.

Adventskranz – Advent wreath, a candle is lighted each Sunday of Advent.

Agency - the ability of individuals to think and act in an independent manner without subordination of social constraints.

Aryan - blonde haired, blue eyed, and German

Diversity - the variety of traits, experiences, and cultures of children in their societies.

Erntedankfest – Thanksgiving; 1st Sunday in October

Erster Mai – May Day; May 1st

Fasching – The Karneval season starting November 11th and leading up to Lent.

Federal Republic - a state in which powers of the central government are restricted and in which component parts retain a degree of self-government.

Froebel Methods - a style of teaching in kindergarten with activities that encourage abstract thought and free play.

Grundschule - German word for primary school

Gymnasium - competitive junior and senior high school that trains students for university.

Hauptschule - general post primary school that trains students for blue collar work.

Heiligabend - Christmas Eve, the main day of celebrations; December 24th, Public Holiday

Lander - the different states in Germany

Literate - age 15 and over can read and write

Neujahr – New Year's Day; January 1st (Public Holiday)

Nikolaustag - St. Nicholas Day when children receive presents from St. Nicholas in their shoes they leave out the night before; December 6th.

Normalization -  the progressing of a government of a society towards a Western
liberal democracy through a systematic breakdown in politics and adjustments
in society.

Oktoberfest – The largest festival in the world with about 6 million participants each year lasting 16 days until the 1st Sunday in October.

Ostern – Easter

Realschule - post primary school that trains students for white collar work.

Reunification - the process that occured in the 1990's when East and West Germany became one country.

Silvester - New Year's Eve; December 31st

Social Structure - the hierarchy of social relationships within a particular society.

Tag der Arbeit - Labor Day; May 1st

Tag der deutschen Einheit
- Day of German Unity marking the reunification of East and West Germany; October 3rd, Public Holiday.

– Christmas tress

Weihnachten - Christmas Day; December 25th, Public Holiday

Zweiter Weihnachtstag - Second Day of Christmas; December 16th, Public Holiday

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