Student-Athlete Advisory Council

The Tulane University  Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) represents the students' concerns to the athletics administration and coordinates several of the Green Wave's annual community service projects. Made up of representatives from each of Tulane's sports programs, the board meets bi-weekly to discuss community service projects, campus outreach programs, and issues faced by Tulane student-athletes.

SAAC encourages all varsity athletes to become involved in its programs, including coordinating the National Student-Athlete Celebration, planning the Varsity Ball, Tulane's All-Sports Awards Banquet, and organizing donation projects.

Student-athletes at Tulane are role models for youths in New Orleans. During the year, student-athletes undertake community service projects like participating in a mentoring program at a local school, visiting children in local hospitals and working camps for underprivileged youths.

Constitution of the Tulane University Student-Athlete Advisory Council

Article I

The name of the organization shall be the Student-Athlete Advisory Council.

Article II

  1. To provide the student-athlete population with an opportunity to communicate more effectively with the Administration and offer suggestions on programs designed to better serve their needs.
  2. To actively encourage more student-athlete involvement in university and community projects in order to improve the Tulane campus and/or the surrounding city of New Orleans and create a positive image of Tulane student-athletes.
  3. To design and implement programs which will encourage academic achievement, health promotion, social responsibility and general awareness to the athletics community through the CHAMPS/Life Skills program.
  4. To promote better communication among athletics teams in order to increase support within the athletics community.
  5. To provide information about athletics and the events to the Tulane students and faculty in order to promote student attendance and interest in athletics events.
  6. The Council will give the administration an opportunity to familiarize the student-athletes with NCAA and Conference new, updates, laws, etc.
  7. To act as a liaison between university student groups and student-athletes in order to encourage positive relationships among athletes and non-athletes in ways that will benefit the university.
  8. To educate student-athletes on their academic opportunities and responsibilities during their college experience.
  9. To assist the university in soliciting student-athlete opinions on proposed NCAA legislation that affects students.

Article III

  1. The membership shall be composed of two voting members from each of the intercollegiate teams. Each member will serve as a liaison between the Council and his or her individual team, responsible for reporting the Council's activities to the rest of the team and coach after each meeting.
  2. The representatives from each team will be chosen by that team's coach, who will elect one upperclassman and one lowerclassman. No freshmen will be allowed to serve on the Council.
  3. No university student-athlete may be denied membership on the basis of sex, national origin, marital status or disability. Coaches are encouraged to consider ethnic and team subgroup diversity in selection of their SAAC representative.
  4. All members must be academically eligible to compete during their appointment time.
  5. Attendance will be taken at each of the bi-weekly meetings. Coaches will be informed after three absences.
  6. Members of teams that have official team events in conflict with a meeting are excused, but must inform the secretary prior to the meeting.
  7. f a team does not have at least one representative at a meeting, that team will have no vote for that meeting. If the representative's absence is excused, he or she may inform the officers of his or her vote prior to the meeting.
  8. If a representative is not able to attend the meeting, he or she is allowed and encouraged to find a substitute from his or her team.
  9. Each team only will be allowed two voting members on the council, but any student-athlete is welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings.

Article IV

A. The SAAC Executive Board will consist of:

  1. The President who serves as the spokesperson for the organization. The President presides over all meetings, organizes the meetings, and speaks at the Varsity Ball and other athletics functions.
  2. A Vice-President who assumes the duties of President when he/she is unable to do so. He/she also organizes and oversees all sub-committees of SAAC.
  3. The Treasurer gives monthly updates on the budget and organizes and coordinates funding for the Council, completing proper forms in timely manner to request funds.
  4. The Secretary is responsible for recording detailed minutes and taking attendance at each of the meetings. He/she distributes copies of the minutes to representatives, coaches and administration after each of the meetings.
  5. The Historian is responsible for documenting all of the Council's activities with pictures that will be comprised in an album at the end of each school year.
  6. The Community Service Representative who is responsible for finding and organizing community service opportunities for the athletics community, as well as organizing the attendance to these events. He/she is the chairperson of the Community Service subcommittee.
  7. Conference USA Liaisons (2) who will represent Tulane University at the Conference USA SAAC.
  8. Administration Representatives, who include but are not limited to the Athletics Director, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Assistant Athletics Director and an Athletics Faculty Representative, shall serve as advisors to the Tulane SAAC.

B. The members of the Executive Board will be elected at the beginning of each school year at designated meeting and will serve for one year terms.

C. Sub-Committees/Standing Committees

  1. Each SAAC member will be required to serve on a sub-committee, but will be allowed to serve on the sub-committee(s) of his/her choice.
  2. Sub-committees, other than the standing committees, will be created as they are needed.
  3. Each active sub-committee will make a report for each SAAC meeting.
  4. Each sub-committee will elect their own Chairperson who is responsible for coordination of committee meetings, delegation of project responsibilities to SAAC members, and reporting the committee's activities to the Executive Board.
  5. Standing Committees will include: a. Varsity Ball
    b. Community Service
    c. Team Support
    d. Fund Raising / Budget

Article V

  1. A regular SAAC meeting will be held every two weeks. These meeting are "open" meetings.
  2. The Executive Board will meet prior to every SAAC meeting in order to create the agenda, which should include an overview of the previous SAAC meeting, a report from each Sub-Committee, business from the Athletics Department, new business, and an open discussion.
  3. Each active Sub-Committee will meet at least once between each SAAC meeting and give a report to the Executive Board to be added to the agenda.
  4. No expenditures shall be made by the Council without the approval of the SAAC advisor and the Treasurer.
  5. All fund-raising efforts will coincide with athletics fund-raising procedures and will be approved by the SAAC advisor.
  6. All decisions shall be brought to a majority rules vote. The voting process will be left to the discretion of the SAAC President. Any and all decisions may be vetoed by any of the SAAC Administration Representatives.
Amended and approved at the SAAC meeting October 24, 2004.
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