Pro-Parris/Salem Village:


1681 Mean Tax Ratio 1681 Median Tax Ratio
Pro-Parris 54.37 1.28 Pro-Parris 39.00 1.30
Salem Village 42.47 Salem Village 30.00
1690 Mean Tax Ratio 1690 Median Tax Ratio
Pro-Parris 14.76 1.11 Pro-Parris 14.00 1.75
Salem Village 13.24 Salem Village 8.00
Pro-Parris and Salem Village Tax Ratios 1681-1690

Comparing the average and median pro-Parris taxes in 1681 and 1690 with those of Salem Village does not result in a clear trend. The average tax ratio declined from 1.28 to 1.11, indicating that the economic standing of pro-Parris members declined in Salem Village during the 1680s. However, the median tax ratio, which mitigates extreme cases, shows the opposite: pro-Parris members advanced in their wealth relative to Salem Village as a whole. There is not, therefore, unambiguous evidence of economic decline, and regardless of the standard, the pro-Parris group always remained better off than the village as a whole. (The discrepancy between the mean and median trends might be attributable to the fact that some different pro-Parris names appear on the two lists; thus, we are comparing somewhat different lists. Users can compare the names and corresponding taxes of the pro-Parris names on both tax lists, noting the appearance of a number of low taxpayers in 1690 who may have driven down the average.)

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