Pro-Parris/Salem Village:


1690 Mean Tax Ratio 1690 Median Tax Ratio
Pro-Parris 14.76 1.11 Pro-Parris 14.00 1.75
Salem Village 13.24 Salem Village 8.00
1695 Mean Tax Ratio 1695 Median Tax Ratio
Pro-Parris 10.88 .93 Pro-Parris 8.00 1.00
Salem Village 11.64 Salem Village 8.00
Pro-Parris and Salem Village Tax Ratios 1690-1695

Comparisons of the pro-Parris faction with Salem Village reinforces the likelihood of its declining economic situation after 1692.  In 1690, both the average and median ratios of the pro-Parris group were higher than those of Salem Village; by 1695, both measurements had fallen. By 1695, the average pro-Parris tax was lower than the Village average. (By comparing the names and corresponding taxes of the pro-Parris members of both tax lists, users will note the addition of fifteen pro-Parris petition signers who were listed as taxpayers in 1695 but not in 1690: all fifteen were below the village average tax and ten were below the village median tax.)

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