Creating Towns Data Set

 Residence Month of Accusation
 Ipswich 5
 Topsfield 4
 Boston 5
 Salem Village 5
 Andover 9
 Andover 8
 Andover 8
 Andover 8
 Lynn 5
 Salem Town 4
"Residence" and "Month of Accusation" Columns from Accused Witches Data Set

To create the Towns Data Set, copy the "Residence" and "Month of Accusation" columns from the Accused Witches Data Set into a new worksheet.  Select both columns and choose "Filter" and then "AutoFilter" from the Data Menu. Click the filter icon in the "Residence" column and select the first community, Amesbury.  Amesbury's single case will appear in the "Month of Accusation" column. Copy the "Month of Accusation" label and its data; in this case there is only one cell, "4."  (Do not copy by selecting the entire column; drag down the relevant cells.) Create a new worksheet from the Insert Menu to receive the data.  Paste the "Month of Accusation" data for Amesbury into the uppermost cell in the "A" column.  Change the name of the column to "Amesbury."  Return to the filter icon and proceed to copy and paste the data for Andover, Beverly, and the remaining communities into adjacent columns in the worksheet. Finally, add a "Bin" column to establish the range of months. The range of months consists of numbers 1 through 12 to signify January-December 1692. Add as well a -1 row for unknown months. The "Bin" column now contains 14 rows, including the "Bin" label.

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