2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
Session List

Thursday, June 26, 2003


Session #04

Podium Session:


Room: Pre-Assembly North


Influence Of Bone Quality On The Initial Stability Of Cementless Hip Stem In Total Hip Arthroplasty

Au S Wong, Graham Isaac, Andrew MR New, Mark Taylor


Finite Element Modelling Of Thermal Damage To Tissue By Curing Bone Cement In Vertebroplasty

Andrew M New


A Semi-Automatic Technique For Generating Parametric Finite Element Model Of Femur From Imaging Modalities

Mehran Armand, Thomas J Beck, Michael Boyle, Maria Z Oden, Liming M Voo, Jay R Shapiro


The Role Of Large Deformations In Trabecular Bone Mechanical Behavior

Harun H Bayraktar, Mark F Adams, Atul Gupta, Panayioits Papadopoulos, Tony M Keaveny


Determining The Elastic Moduli Of Reversible Gels Using The Theory Of Elasticity

David C Lin, Bernard Yurke, Noshir A Langrana


Preterm Lambs Tracheal Duct Collapsibility: A Finite Element Study

Monica Soncini, Gianfranco B Fiore, Chiara Corno, Paola Bagnoli, Gabriele Dini, Fabio Acocella, Roberto Colombi, Maria L Costantino

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