2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
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Thursday, June 26, 2003


Session #16

Poster Session A:


Room: Ocean Rooms


Computational Flow Analysis Of A Continuous Flow Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device

Amy L Throckmorton, Xinwei Song, Houston G Wood, Ben Peeler, Paul E Allaire


The Dynamic Response Of Cerebral Blood Flow To Changes In Pressure

Grace Tang, Tim David, Jonathan L Summers, Rob Richardson, Peter G Walker


Image-Based Modeling Of Blood Flow In Pulmonary Arteries Using A One-Dimensional Finite Element Method Coupled To A Morphometry-Based Model Of The Distal Vessels

Ryan L Spilker, David Parker, Jeffrey A Feinstein, Charles A Taylor


Microhemofluidics In Post-Capillary Venules Determined From Fluorescent Intravital Micro-Particle Image Velocimetry

David S Long, Michael L Smith, Klaus Ley, Axel R Pries, Edward R Damiano


A Multidomain Finite Element Method To Solve The Nonlinear One-Dimensional Equations Of Blood Flow In Deformable Vessels

Irene Vignon, Charles A Taylor


Effects Of ECA And Mannitol On Macromolecule Penetration And Accumulation In Rat Fibroscarcoma

Sarah M McGuire, Fan Yuan


The Effect Of Early Intimal Growth On Patterns Of Evans Blue Dye In Macromolecular Transport Studies

Heather A Himburg, Jeffrey A LaMack, Morton H Friedman


Coordinated Contraction Of Bile Canaliculi Reconstructed In Rat Small Hepatocytes

Ryo Sudo, Toshihiro Mitaka, Mariko Ikeda, Kazuo Tanishita


Model Of An Approach To Targeted Drug Delivery Based On Uniform Magnetic Fields

Zachary G Forbes, Benjamin B Yellen, Kenneth A Barbee, Gary Friedman


Fluid-Structure Interaction (F.S.I.) Of The Human Cystic Duct

Renn Chan Ooi, Xiao-Yu Luo, S-Boon Chin, Alan G Johnson, Nigel C Bird


Simulation Of Blood Flow In The Abdominal Aorta At Rest And During Exercise Using A 1-D Finite Element Method With Impedance Boundary Conditions Derived From A Fractal Tree

Brooke N Steele, Charles A Taylor


Subject-Specific Finite Element Modeling Of Three-Dimensional Pulsatile Flow In The Human Abdominal Aorta: Comparison Of Resting And Simulated Exercise Conditions

Beverly T Tang, Christopher P Cheng, Mary T Draney, Philip S Tsao, Charles A Taylor


Analysis Of Feto-Placental Vasculature And Blood Circulation

Zoya Gordon, David Elad, Yenon Hazan, Ariel J Jaffa, Osnat Eytan


Comparison of Blood Flow Patterns from CFD and MRI in a Bypass Graft Model

Joy P Ku, Christopher J Elkins, Charles A Taylor


Mathematical Formulation Of A Coupled Momentum Method For Modeling Blood Flow In Deformable Arteries

Alberto Figueroa, Kenneth C Jansen, Thomas J R Hughes, Charles A Taylor


Mass Transfer Coefficient Maps For Three Models Of Membrane Blood Oxigenator Using Perfluorocarbon Emulsion

Luis Melchert Faber Schmutzler, Antonio Celso Fonseca de Arruda, Waldyr Parolari Novello, Maria Helena Andrade Santana


The Role Of Local Hemodynamics Upon Short-Term Graft Healing Of Porous ePTFE Implanted Within A Baboon

James R Costello, Changyi Chen, Min Hui Ma, Don P Giddens, Stephen R Hanson


Image- Based, Direct Three Dimensional Vascular Modeling

Erik J Bekkers, Charles Taylor


A New Ex Vivo Setup For Determining Mechanical Characteristics Of Arterial Segments

Leonie H. van den Heuvel, Marcel C. M. Rutten, Nico H. J. Pijls, Frank P. T. Baaijens


A Technique For The Reconstruction Of Three-Dimensional Flow Fields From Phase Encoded MR Velocity Images

David H Frakes, Chris Sinotte, Shiva Sharma, James Parks, Mark Fogel, Mark Smith, Ajit Yoganathan


Single Stress Fibers Isolated From Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Possess Surprisingly High Extensibility

Shinji Deguchi, Toshiro Ohashi, Masaaki Sato


Stochastic Analysis Of Anatomical Data Suggests Three Characteristic Types Of Thumb Kinematics

Veronica J Santos, Francisco J Valero-Cuevas


The Mechano-Electrochemical Environment Of The Chondrocytes In Articular Cartilage Explant Under The Unconfined Compression --The Cell-Matrix Interaction

Morakot Likhitpanichkul, Daniel D Sun, Edward X Guo, Michael W Lai, Van C Mow


PTH Enhances And Sustains Mechanical Responsiveness Of Trabecular Bone

Chi Hyun Kim, Byron M Gaing, Mei Lin Chan, Erica Takai, Hua Zhou, Dietrich von Stechow, Ralph Muller, David W Dempster, X. Edward Guo


Numerical Investigation Of Circadian Variation In Stature

Jamie R Williams, Raghu N Natarajan, Gunnar BJ Andersson


Altered Human Facet Capsule Strains Subsequent To Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fixation

Jesse S Little, Allyson Ianuzzi, Jonathan B Chiu, Avi Baitner, Partap S Khalsa


Stent Geometry And Deployment Ratio Influence Distributions Of Wall Shear Stress: Three Dimensional Numerical Simulations Exploiting Properties Of An Implanted Stent

John F LaDisa, David C Warltier, Ismail Guler, Judy R Kersten, Paul S Pagel


Load- And Time- Dependent Myocyte Size Increases In Isometrically Contracting Cardiac Muscle

Kathryn A Guterl, Jeffrey W Holmes


The Therapeutic Potential For Changing Patterns Of Locomotion: An Application To The ACL Deficient Knee

David S Fisher, Michael Williams, Christie Draper, Thomas Andriacchi


Aqueous Humor And Iris Mechanics In Appositional Versus Synechial Contact In Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma

Eric C Huang, Jeff J Heys, Victor H Barocas


A Damaging-Viscoelastic-Viscoplastic Constitutive Model For Human Vertebral Trabecular Bone Applied To Experimental Specimen Response

Todd L Bredbenner, Dwight T Davy


Toward an MRI-Based Method to Determine Three-Dimensional Deformations in Articular Cartilage

Corey P Neu, Maury L Hull, Jeffrey H Walton, Michael H Buonocore


Morphology And Thickness In Tibial And Femoral Cartilage At The Knee Is Influenced By The Mechanics Of Walking

Seungbum Koo, Eugene J Alexander, Garry E Gold, Nicholas Giori, Thomas P Andriacchi


Computational Modeling Of A Dynamic Knee Simulator For Prediction Of Joint Loading

Trent M Guess, Lorin P Maletsky


Distribution Of Wall Shear Stress With Initiation And Progress Of Aneurysm Around Anterior Communicating Artery

Ryuhei Yamaguchi, Susumu Kudo, Nobuhiko Nakazawa, Hisashi Fujii, Hiroshi Ujiie


P38 Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Regulates Mechanically-Induced Nitric Oxide And Prostaglandin Production In Articular Cartilage

Brian C Ruiz-de-Luzuriaga , Beverley Fermor, Charles Hanning, Sanjay Kumar, Michael W Lark, Farshid Guilak


Biomechanical Functions Of Latissimus Dorsi Muscle In Baseball Pitching

Hwai-Ting Lin, Fong-Chin Su, Terry Y.S. Koo, Atsushi Yokota, Jun Hashimoto, Nozomu Inoue, Mari Nakamura, Katsuya Nobuhara, Edmund Y.S. Chao


Swelling-Induced Actin Reorganization Facilitates Regulatory Volume Decrease In Anulus Fibrosus Cells

Scott E Pritchard, Farshid Guilak


Numerical Stress And Reliability Analysis Of All-Ceramic Fixed-Partial Dentures

Nils Goetzen , Gerd Natt , Michael M Morlock , Joachim Tinschert


Correlation Of Mechanical Properties And Microstructure Of Rat Elastase-Infusion Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Mary K O'Connell, Hideo Kimura, Eiketsu Sho, Mien Sho, Ronald L Dalman, Charles A Taylor


An Evaluation Protocol For Below-Knee Socket Selection -- A Finite Element Approach With Pain-Pressure Tolerance

Chu-Lung Wu, Chih-Han Chang, Chih-Chieh Lin, Hao-Juan Ho


Numerical Simulations Of The Planar Biaxial Mechanical Behavior Of Biological Materials

Wei Sun, Michael S Sacks, Michael Scott


Joint Load Estimation Based On Bone Density And A Contact Model Applied To The Proximal Femur Of A Chimp

Max A Bona, Larry D Martin, Ken J Fischer


Potential Of Muscles To Influence Forward Progression During The Single-Support Phase Of Normal Gait

May Q Liu, Frank C Anderson, Scott L Delp


Influence Of Wet Surfaces And Fall Height On Pediatric Injury Risk In Feet First Free Falls As Predicted Using An ATD

Ernest W Deemer, Fernando Aguel, Gina Bertocci, Mary Clyde Pierce, Janine Janosky, Ev Vogeley


Biphasic Properties Of Normal And Osteoarthritic Human Chondrons

Leonidas G Alexopoulos, Gregory M Williams, Maureen L Upton, Lori A Setton, Farshid Guilak


Anchoring Junctions And Cytoskeletal Networks In An Epithelial Sheet: Mechanical Characterization Using Elastic Microfabricated Membranes

John C Selby, Stephen A Boppart, Mark A Shannon


Angle Of Twist Affects Stress Values And Distributions In Human Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (A 3D Finite Element Analysis)

Ashraf F Ali, Cyril B Frank, Nigel G Shrive


Solid Modeling And Static Finite Element Analysis Of The Human Tibia

Irina Ionescu, Ted Conway, Alexandra Schonning, Mutlaq Almutairi, David W. Nicholson


Circumferentially Nonuniform Wall Thickness And Lamellar Structure Correlates With Cyclic Strain In The Porcine Descending Thoracic Aorta

Mary T Draney, Chengpei Xu, Christopher K Zarins, Charles A Taylor


Motion Analysis And Mathematical Modeling Of The Forces In The Adult Rabbit Knee Joint During Hopping

David L Gushue, Jason Long, Jeff Houck, Amy Lerner


Smart Retractor For Use In Image Guided Neurosurgery

Asha Balakrishnan, Daniel F Kacher, Alexander Slocum, Corey Kemper, Simon K Warfield


Mechanical Performance Of Conventional Threaded Cage Designs And Interbody Fusion Cages Designed By Integrated Global And Local Topology Optimization

Chia-Ying Lin, Chun-Ching Hsiao, Po-Quan Chen, Scott J Hollister


An Integrated Software System For Preoperatively Evaluating Aorto-Femoral Reconstruction Procedures

Nathan M Wilson, Frank R Arko, Charles A Taylor


The Accumulation Of Damage Under Cyclic Loading Is Not Altered Following Traumatic Strain In The Rabbit MCL

Michelle L Zec, Cyril B Frank, Nigel G Shrive


Joint Surface Velocity Changes After Ligament Transection In An Ovine Stifle Joint Model Of Osteoarthritis

Janet E Tapper, Yusei Funakoshi, M Hariu, Craig Sutherland, Gail M Thornton, Janet L Ronsky, Nigel G Shrive, Cyril B Frank


Optical Mapping Of Complex Electrical Activity In Engineered Cardiac Tissue Constructs

Harold Bien, Lihong Ying, Emilia Entcheva


A Generalized Scaffold Internal Architecture Design Method Using Topology Optimization

ChengYu Lin, Noboru Kikuchi, Scott J Hollister


Effects Of Oscillatory And Pulse-Static Shear On Activation Of NF-KB, C-Fos, And SRF In MC3T3 Osteoblast-Like Cells

Michael S Ominsky, Kurt D Hankenson, Joshua D Miller, Blake J Roessler, Steven A Goldstein


Ni2+-Paa Adsorbent For Purifying 6His-Ompts Recombinant Protein

Qing bing Zeng, Qiao Z Ye, Jia R Xu, Ruo w Fu


Evaluation Of Regulatory DNA Regions For Matrix Metalloproteinase Expression

Yunlong Liu, Hui B Sun, Hiroki Yokota


Altered Proto-Oncogene Expression In Response To Elevated Sustained Hydrostatic Pressure In Renal Cells

Julie S Martin, Hiroki Yokota, Karen M Haberstroh


Nanoparticles Of Biodegradable Polymers For Cancer Chemotherapy

Khin Yin Win, Li Mu, Chi-Hwa Wang, Si-Shen Feng


Load Dependence Of Cardiac Fibroblast MMP Activity In Fibroblast-Populated Collagen Gels

Vedran Knezevic, Edie C Goldsmith, Jeffrey W Holmes


A Method For Printing Heterogeneous Patterns Of Cells And Biological Molecules By Magnetically Directed Assembly

Benjamin B Yellen, Zachary G Forbes, Kenneth A Barbee, Gianluca Gallo, Gary Friedman


3-Dimensional Poly(Lactide-Co-Glycolide)/Hydroxyapatite Construct For Bone Tissue Engineering: Optimization Studies

Michelle D Kofron, Omar Fisher, Cato T. Laurencin


Cell Detachment Using Electric Discharge Plasmas

Ingrid E Kieft, Eva Stoffels, Veronique Caubet-Hilloutou, Jos L.V. Broers, Frans C.S. Ramaekers, Dick W. Slaaf


Effects Of Membrane Anchor And Glycosylation On Fcƒ_ Receptor III Binding To Human IGG1

Ning Jiang, Periasamy Selvaraj, Cheng Zhu


Biomechanics Of The Human Umbilical Cord Under Compressive Loads

Francesca Gervaso, Giancarlo Pennati, Federica Boschetti, Serena Rigano, Anna Pigni, Alessandra Padoan


Molecular Diffusion In Tissue-Engineered Cartilage Constructs: Effects Of Time And Culture Conditions

Holly A Leddy, Hani A Awad, Michael Q Wickham, Farshid Guilak


Modeling The Assembly Of The Axonal Cytoskeleton During Stretch Induced Growth: Optimizing Conditions For Growth

David F Meaney, Andrew Taylor, Brian Pfister, Douglas H Smith


Controlled Delivery Of IGF-I From PLG Microspheres To Chondrocytes For Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Nichole R Mercier, Rick Costantino, Mark A. Tracy, Lawrence J. Bonassar


Processing Of Collagen Gels Using Non-Enzymatic Glycation

Rani Roy, Lawrence J Bonassar


Measuring Erratic Motions Of Ligand-Coated Microspheres In An Imposed Energy Field

JoDe M Lavine, Eugene C Eckstein


Small Diameter Vascular Graft Tissue Engineering And Bioreactor Technology

Sandy Williams, Timothy M Wick


A Technique For Measuring Local Internal Mechanical Properties Of Perfused Solid Organs

Amy E Kerdok, Robert D Howe


A New Technique To Investigate In Situ Collagen Micromechanics In The Annulus Fibrosus Under Tension

Sabina B Bruehlmann, Neil A Duncan


Effects Of Angiogenesis On The Material Properties Of The Extracellular Matrix: Correlation With Gene Expression

Laxminarayanan Krishnan, Helen Song, James B Hoying, Jeffrey A Weiss


Inducing Ectopic Thy-1 Cell-Surface Expression Dictates Fibroblast Migration In-Vivo

Thomas H Barker, Hernan E Grenett, Mark W MacEwen, Samuel Tilden, Gerald M Fuller, James S Hagood


Mechanobiological Regulation Of Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Differentiation

Juan M Taboas, Scott J Hollister, Paul H Krebsbach

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