2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
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Friday, June 27, 2003


Session #17

Podium Session:


Room: Ballroom West


Effects Of Low Amplitude, High Frequency Mechanical Stimuli To Osteoblasts In 3D Porous Matrix

Shigeo M Tanaka, Hui Bin Sun, Chung-Wein Lee, Charles H Turner, Hiroki Yokota


Osteocyte Interaction With Osteoblasts And Response To Intermittent Hydrostatic Pressure Loading In A 3D Trabecular Bone Explant Culture Model

Erica Takai, Robert L Mauck, Clark T Hung, X Edward Guo


Dynamic Mechanical Compression Applied In A Continuous Or Intermittent Manner Influences Chondrocyte Metabolism.

Tina T Chowdhury, Dan L Bader, Julia C Shelton, David A Lee


Effects Of Seeding Density And Native Pericellular Matrix On Response Of Chondrocytes To Dynamic Deformational Loading

Terri-Ann N Kelly, Christopher C-B Wang, Robert L Mauck, Gerard A Ateshian, Clark T Hung


A Shear Rig For The Study Of Mechanotransduction In Chondrocyte-Agarose Constructs : Analysis Of Local Strain Fields.

Martin M Knight, Yoshinori Sawae, Julia Shelton, Dan L Bader


Ion-Channel Dependent Regulation Of Chondrocyte Matrix Synthesis In 3D Culture Under Dynamic And Static Compression

Janna K Mouw, Stacy M Imler, Marc E Levenston

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