2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
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Friday, June 27, 2003


Session #26

Podium Session:


Room: Pre-Assembly North


Non-Enzymatic Glycation Alters The Creep And Viscoplastic Properties Of Human Cortical Bone

Deepak Vashishth, Ping C Wu, Gary B Gibson


Biomechanical Properties Of Cortical Bone In Rats Whose Growth Hormone Gene Expression Was Suppressed By Antisense RNA Transgene

Ei Yamamoto, Kazuya Matsumoto, Kazuhiro Saeki, Yoshihiko Hosoi, Akira Iritani


Contribution Of Mechanical Conditions To Microvascular Formation In Early Phase Of Cortical Defect Healing In A Canine Model

Isumi Toda, Nozomu Inoue, Y Tamada, F Suwa, Jonathan S Lim, Vincent Wu, Edmund YS Chao


Fractal Analysis Of Bone Cell Syncytium In Normal And Diseased Bone

Sanjay Mishra, Andrea E Tami, Melissa L Knothe Tate


The Effects Of Endurance Exercise On The Size And Strength Of Adult And Aged Rat Femora And Tibiae

Bethany M Baumbach, Neil A Sharkey, Donna H Korzick


Influence Of Osteocyte Density On Bone Tissue Permeability: Insights From A Stochastic Network Model

Roland Steck, Melissa L Knothe Tate

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