2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
Session List

Saturday, June 28, 2003


Session #41

Podium Session:


Room: Ballroom East


3-Dimensional Polymer-DNA-Calcium Phosphate Matrices For Non-Viral Gene Transfection

Michelle D Kofron, Cato T Laurencin


Chondrocyte And Osteoblast Interaction On A Degradable Polymer Ceramic Scaffold

Jeffrey P Spalazzi, Kathie L Dionisio, Jie Jiang, Helen H Lu


Optimization And Storage Of Micro-Fabricated Skin Substitutes

Zhonglin Zhao, Jennifer Cusick, Alex Fowler, Sankha Bhowmick, Mehmet Toner


The Effects Of Shear Stress And Pressure On Saphenous Vein Remodeling Ex Vivo

Rebecca J Gusic, Richard Myung, Matus Petko, William Gaynor, Keith J Gooch


Induced Cell Clustering Enhances Islet Beta Cell Formation From Pancreatic Ductal Epithelial Cells

Michael I Boretti, Keith J Gooch


Retention Of Endothelial Cells Under High Shear Stress On Micropatterned Polyurethane Surfaces

Sachin C Daxini, Alisha L Sieminski, Geoffrey Smith, Keith J Gooch, V. Prasad Shastri

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