2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
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Saturday, June 28, 2003


Session #46

Podium Session:


Room: Island C


Dependence Of Porcine Arterial Endothelial Permeability On Wall Shear Stress And Its Related Indices

Xue-Mei Li, Andrew L Hazel, Heather A Himburg, Jeffrey A LaMack, Morton H Friedman


Interpretation Of CFD Derived Shear Stress And Its Relation With Atherosclerosis In Human Coronary Arteries

Jolanda J Wentzel, Frank JH Gijsen, Elbert Janssen, Jeroen Vos, Johan CH Schuurbiers, Rob Krams, Patrick W Serruys, Pim J De Feyter, Cornelis J Slager


MRI Guided CFD Simulations Of LDL Transport In Subject Specific Carotid Arteries: An Initial Methodology

Peter G Walker, James G Turner, Torben Frund, Shengping Wu, Steffen Ringgaard, Erik M Pedersen


Fluid-Structure Interaction And Rigid Wall CFD-MR Combined Study Of Aortic Coarctation Repairs

Simone Pittaccio, Francesco Migliavacca, Gabriele Dubini, Erik Morre-Pedersen, Ernst-Torben Fründ, Vibeke Hjortdal, Yun Xu, Marc de Leval


Influences Of Nonplanarity, Bifurcations, Dynamics, Inflow And Outflows On Blood Flow Patterns In Aortic Arch: A Multi-Scale Computational Study

Hao Liu, K Fukasaku, H Iwase, N Matsunaga, Y He, K Yokoi, R Himeno


Entrance Flow Patterns In The Coronary Arteries: A Computational Study

Jin Suo, John Oshinski, Don Giddens

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