2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
Session List

Saturday, June 28, 2003


Session #52

Podium Session:


Room: Island A/B


Carbon Dixode Capnometry To Assess The Effect Of Ozone Inhalation On The Peripheral Airspaces

Genea M Lee, Wade Reeser, Kavitha Nellore, Adekemi Taylor, Abdellaziz Ben-Jebria, James S Ultman


Modeling Alveolar Gas Transport During Liquid Ventilation

Vinod Suresh, Joseph C Anderson, Ronald B Hirschl, James B Grotberg


An Experimental And Theoretical Study On The Effects Of Blood Flow Pulsatility On Oxygen Transfer In Artificial Lungs

Federica Boschetti, Keith E Cook, Lyle F Mockros


Predicting Ideal, Artificial Lung Attachment Mode With Pre-Attachment, Right Ventricular Function Indices

Keith E Cook, John W McGillicuddy, Mary B Lambert, Grant W Griffith, Sean D Chambers, Ronald B Hirschl


A Morphometric Model Of Airway Mechanics And Gas Transfer During Neonatal Tidal Liquid Ventilation

Gianfranco B Fiore, Chiara Corno, Maria L Costantino


Physiological Blood Oxygenation And Pumping During Extracorporeal Circulation With A Single, Integrated Device

Maria L Costantino, Gianfranco B Fiore, Franco M Montevecchi, Roberto Fumero


Finite Reynolds Number Effects On Steady Propagation Of A Liquid Plug In A 2D-Channel

Hideki Fujioka, James B Grotberg

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