2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
Session List

Sunday, June 29, 2003


Session #58

Podium Session:


Room: Pre-Assembly North


Biomechanical Properties Of Locking Versus Grasping

Tatsuro Tanaka, Peter C Amadio, Chunfeng Zhao, Mark E Zobitz, Chao Yang, Kai-Nan An


Wear Characterization Of A Total Wrist Replacement Prosthesis

Qingshan Chen, William P Cooney, Frederick M Schultz, Dave Leibel, Ronald Linscheid, Kai-Nan An


Elbow Joint Instability Quantified With Screw Displacement Axes

Teresa A Duck, Cynthia E Dunning, Graham J.W King, Johnson A James


Mechanical Behavior Of The Coracoclavicular Ligament And Novel Anatomic Reconstruction Complexes

Ryan S Costic, Joanne E Labriola, Mark W Rodosky, Richard E Debski


Modeling The Effects Of Rotator Cuff Muscle Activity On Kinematics, Ligament Tension And Articular Contact At The Glenohumeral Joint

John E Novotny, Yingxin Gao


Supraspinatus Tendon Structural And Mechanical Properties In A Chronic Rotator Cuff Tear Animal Model

Jonathan A Gimbel, Jonathan P Van Kleunen, Samir Mehta, Stephanie M Perry, Gerald R Williams, Louis J Soslowsky

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