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Politically-Based Organizing

Across the nation, the tenuous principles of pluralism and equality are constantly challenged. Those challanges occur in country after country, and shape the national body politic. Legistlative battles are waged over the erosion of civil liberties, over the seperation of church and state, immigrant rights, public education, affirmative action, gay rights, and over the introduction of creationism into the school system. As our country continues to struggle with what in means to be a richly diverse democracy, legal and legistlative battles will continue to be waged.

Democracy is not what we have. It's what we do. And throughout the South, organizations and individuals have been doing phenomenal work to defend the ideals of democracy. That work has ranged from organizing on behalf of prisoner rights, to educating the public on anti-gay initiatives, to fighting religious right candidates, to fighting legistlation at the local level. These efforts have made an impact, and have served to create environments that celebrate diversity and pluralism while protecting democracy and bridging racial, ethnic and religious divisions.

Prison & Jail Project:
Americus, Georgia

Texas Freedom Network:
Austin, Texas

Citizens for Community Values:
Pensacola, Florida

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