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The Southern Institute for Education and Research is a non-profit race and ethnic relations center dedicated to promoting tolerance through education and training. The Institute fosters pluralism and combats bigotry through anti-bias education in schools and race-relations training for community leaders. We are located on the Tulane University campus in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and are governed by an independent, volunteer board of directors.

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Catalyst Network
Project Catalyst
The Southern Catalyst Network is a regional alliance devoted to combating prejudice and bigotry in the Deep South. This section serves as a resource to link together activists and organizations working to promote democratic values and organize against prejudice and hatred.

Teacher Education Project
Teaching Guides The Southern Institute provides anti-bias educational training and resources for secondary school teachers. This section contains information about our workshops and teaching guides on the Holocaust, Schindler's List, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Leadership Training Project
The Institute conducts programs that provide campus and community leaders with training to reduce racial prejudice and conflict. The programs create leadership networks equipped and motivated to combat bigotry and prevent racial conflicts.
Holocaust Survivors

Local residents share their stories in interviews conducted by Plater Robinson, the Institute's Holocaust Education specialist.
Holocaust Education Groups

Follow the links below to read about other organizations who offer Holocaust education services and programs.

Facing History and Ourselves

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Simon Wiesenthal Center

Workshop Feedback

Feedback Excerpts from evaluations submitted by teachers and students who attended Southern Institute educational workshops are made available. A live chat room is also available.
Internet Research Project

Book Your tool kit for internet research. We serve it up right here for you: libraries, newsgroups, listservs, databases, online news, recommended web sites, search utilities and much more! Currently and always under development.

Download Section
This section of our web site allows you to place a copy of any of our study guides onto your computer, so that you may open it in any generic word processing program.
View current and past editons of Catalyst Reports and Southern Institute Reports; informative sources of our monthly and quarterly program activities.
S.I. Bookstore
Purchase books on our recommended reading list and contribute to the Southern Institute at the same time! The royalties we collect on sales have no impact the purchase price you pay for any of these informative books.
Photo Gallery
View our archive of images from workshops, projects, and events that the Institute has held or sponsored.
Listen to Sound clips from our recently held "Summer Institute" program. The sound clips feature testimonials from two Holocaust Survivors in New Orleans, LA.
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