Department of History
Executive Director, The National Center for the Urban Community
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118


University of Maryland, 1963-1967, B. A. in history
Yale University, 1967-1970, M. Phil. in American history
Yale University, 1970-1976, Ph.D., the American Civil War and Reconstruction


1975-1977 Assistant Editor, the Frederick Douglass Papers, Yale University
1977-1978 Associate Editor, the Frederick Douglass Papers, Yale University
1976-1978 Lecturer, Yale University
1978-1980 Assistant Professor of History, Tulane University
1980-1998 Associate Professor of History, Tulane University
1998- Professor of History, Tulane University
1998- Director, Tulane/Xavier Campus Affiliates Program
2000- Executive Director, The National Center for the Urban Community



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Eggleston Prize in American History, Yale University (1976)
Tulane University Council on Research Summer Grant (1980)
Tulane Associated Student Body Award for Teaching Excellence (1981)
American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship (1982) -- declined
Governor's Award, Yale University Press (1982)
Honors Program Professor of the Year (1984-85)
Hackney Award -- Tulane Professor of the Year (1984-85)
Tulane University Council on Research Summer Grant (1993)
Leo Wasserman Prize for best article in American Jewish History--1997-98
Encylclopedia of the Confederacy Prizes:
Lewis Wasserman Prize for best article in American Jewish History, 1997
"George Washington Lucas Community Service Award"-NAACP New Orleans Branch
"Louisiana Humanist of the Year for 1999"-Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
Lillian Smith Book Prize, Southern Regional Council, 2000
The Kemper and Leila Williams Book Prize from the Louisiana Historical Association for 2000
Booklist "Ten Best Books on the Holocaust for 2000"
Finalist, National Jewish Book Award, 2000.



I have published reviews in the American Historical Review; the Journal of American History; the Journal of Southern History; Civil War History; The Historian; Louisiana History; Florida Historical Quarterly; Georgia Historical Quarterly; the Journal of Economic History; Slavery & Abolition; Gulf Coast Historical Review; The Progressive; the Nation, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune.








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