The Stem Cell Bioengineering lab focuses on translating stem cell research into a positive impact on public health. Our lab focuses on the effects of the physical microenvironment on stem cell fate utilizing engineered systems that control cellular configurations and apply mechanical forces. By studying stem cell mechanobiology, bioprocessing, and tissue engineering, we hope to develop basic science models, in vitro diagnostic systems, methods for drug discovery, cancer treatments, and regenerative medicine therapies.


  • Dr. Peter Hornsby of UTHSCSA will be speaking about iPSCs on March 6, 2014.
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  • Look for upcoming presentations by Taby Ahsan at GA Tech, Laval University, SBE, and the World Congress of Biomechanics
  • The Ahsan Lab has recently relocated to the 4th floor of the JBJ building in the Tulane School of Medicine.

Highlight Publications

Modulating the physical microenvironment to study regenerative processes in vitro using cells from mouse phalangeal elements.
Lynch KM, Ahsan T  Tiss Eng Part A  2013  PubMed  PDF

Shear stress during early embryonic stem cell differentiation promotes hematopoietic and endothelial phenotypes.
Wolfe RP, Ahsan T  Biotechnol Bioeng  2013  PubMed  PDF