Recent Submissions

Lynch KM, Ahsan T (submitted) Limitations in Proliferation in Regeneration-Relevant Mammalian Cells.

Recent Publications

Lynch KM, Ahsan T (2013) Modulating the physical microenvironment to study regenerative processes in vitro using cells from mouse phalangeal elements. Tiss Eng Part A  PubMed  PDF

Pineda E, Nerem RM, Ahsan T (2013) Differentiation Patterns of Embryonic Stem Cells in Two versus Three Dimensional Culture. Cells Tissues Organs  PubMed 

Wolfe RP, Ahsan T (2013) Shear stress during early embryonic stem cell differentiation promotes hematopoietic and endothelial phenotypes. Biotechnol & Bioeng  PubMed  PDF

Stapor PC, Azimi MS, Ahsan T, Murfee WL (2012) An Angiogenesis Model for Investigating Multi-Cellular Interactions across Intact Microvascular Networks. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol  PubMed  

Wolfe RP, Leleux J, Nerem RM, Ahsan T (2012) Effects of shear stress on germ lineage specification of embryonic stem cells. Integrative Biology  PubMed  PDF

Ahsan T, Nerem RM (2010) Fluid shear stress promotes an endothelial-like phenotype during the early differentiation of embryonic stem cells. Tissue Eng Part A  PubMed  PDF

Duffy GP, D'Arcy S, Ahsan T, Nerem RM, O'Brien T, Barry F (2010) Mesenchymal stem cells overexpressing ephrin-b2 rapidly adopt an early endothelial phenotype with simultaneous reduction of osteogenic potential. Tissue Eng Part A  PubMed  PDF

Gauvin R, Ahsan T, Larouche D, Lévesque P, Dubé J, Auger FA, Nerem RM, Germain L (2010) A novel single-step self-assembly approach for the fabrication of tissue-engineered vascular constructs. Tissue Eng Part A  PubMed  PDF

Duffy GP, Ahsan T, O'Brien T, Barry F, Nerem RM (2009) Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells promote angiogenic processes in a time- and dose-dependent manner in vitro. Tissue Eng Part A  PubMed  PDF

Doyle AM, Nerem RM, Ahsan T (2009) Human mesenchymal stem cells form multicellular structures in response to applied cyclic strain. Annals of Biomed Eng  PubMed  PDF