我們很誠摯的希望您能從全球資訊網資訊頁中獲得您想要之資訊 。我們將會為同學們繼續提供網上服務及資訊。我們歡迎任何建議,請使用電子郵件信箱與杜蘭大學中華民國同學會連絡。 紐奧爾良擁有美國知名的爵士樂和美食娛樂的城市,期望您有一個愉快的學習與生活經驗。


Since 1972, Tulane University Chinese Student Association (TCSA) becomes one of Tulane's student clubs who provides information and assistances for its members. Currently TCSA has about Fifty members. The majority members are students who come from Taiwan.

Our goals are to provide the new students to acquaint with new learning environment at Tulane University and its surrounding, to create a communicating channel for our members and alumni, as well as play a meaningful and representable role among other organizations/clubs at Tulane University. Furthermore, in order to promote interaction among members the periodic social and recreation activities consisted of Full Moon Festival, Chinese Lunar New Year, Welcome party and Farewell Party, as well as professional seminars are regularly held for members. We sincerely hope you will find some useful information from our TCSA website.

New Orleans is one of the most popular tour city of U.S.A. where you can enjoy music, authentic southern foods and at night activities. Academic learning aside, hopefully you will have a pleasant stay and enjoy living experiences in Big Easy.




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