Instructions to install the macro for Windows Office 2002 (or Office XP) users: 

1.      Download the TAMS macro from the TAMS Web site

2.      Open up your hard drive

3.      Click on the following folders:

a.       Program Files

b.      Microsoft Office

c.       Office 10

d.      Startup

4.      Put the TAMS macro into the Startup folder

5.      Open Microsoft Word

6.      Click on the Tools pull-down menu

7.      Select Templates and Add-Ins

8.      If you see, check the box next to it and click OK

9.      If you do not see, click Add, find the file, double-click on it and then click OK

10.  Click on the Tools pull-down menu

11.  Select Options

12.  Click on the Security tab

13.  Click on the Macro Security button

14.  Select Medium

15.  Click OK

16.  Click OK

17.  Close Microsoft Word

18.  Open Word again and the OracleReports pull-down menu should be visible.