Cell 331 - Cellular Neuroscience

Prerequisite: CELL 101-General Biology. Introduction to basic concepts in neurobiology from a cellular perspective. Areas covered include the electro-generative properties of nerve cells, intercellular communication via synapses, and sensory and motor systems.


Cell 666 - Synaptic Organization of the Brain

The course will be offered jointly by the Tulane Cell and Molecular Biology and LSUHC Cell Biology and Anatomy graduate programs for the spring 2002, and will provide an in-depth examination  of the physiologic and anatomic organization of the major structures of the brain and spinal cord.  It will be team taught by members of both faculties, drawing from the research expertise of each program and each faculty member.  The course will be based on the text book of the same name, The Synaptic Organization of the Brain, 4th Edition, Gordon Shepherd (Editor), and will consist of one 2-hour lecture and one 2-hour oral presentation session per week, each week being devoted to a different CNS structure and taught by a different instructor.  The organization of each CNS structure, including the cellular physiology, the major synaptic inputs, the intrinsic synaptic organization, and the primary outputs of the structure, will be emphasized in the lectures.  Detailed course description