Tulane Lilly Endowment Teaching Fellows Program 1997-1998

Information for Completing Application for a Fellowship

[Application Deadline: February 14, 1997]

Program Purpose for Fellows: Each year to provide several young scholars of high promise with support, resources, and recognition in their early development as teachers.

Eligibility: Applications are invited from tenure-track faculty members who in AY 1997-1998 will be in their second or third year since receiving the doctorate (or other terminal degree, or conclusion of post-doctoral training). Applicants should be those who ordinarily teach at least one undergraduate course per year and who will be able to offer the new course (or other new curricular element) for the first time during AY 1998-1999.

Proposed Project: Each fellow will propose to plan and prepare a new course (or a way to teach an existing course that is distinctly new), course series, or curricular element (such as an instructional lab or studio class) for undergraduates that in some way is related to the fellow's own research interests. The form of this project depends largely upon the applicant's interests and the curricular mission of the academic unit of which the fellow is part, but may represent an application of a new technology to the instructional process, use of the approach used in one field to an understanding of another, or a new critical understanding of a given content area. The project should be one regarded as potentially an important contribution to the cur riculum, one that feasibly could be approved by college or school curriculum committees before the end of Spring semester 1998.

Application format:

(1) A brief (about three or four pages) description of the proposed project that would make its creative and innovative features evident, explanation of its relationship to the applicant's current and/or anticipated research interests, and a rationale for its inclusion in the curriculum.

(2) A preliminary budget for expenditure of the approximately $3,000.00 fellow's grant. Examples of project-relevant expenditures include reference books, journal subscriptions, professional memberships, workshop fees, educational resources (such as audi o-visuals, computer software), equipment, payment of work-study assistants, and travel to conferences or other universities.

(3) A statement that the applicant agrees to participate fully in the Program if the fellowship is received. Participation includes attendance at fellows' meetings, at an all-day orientation session in early Fall, and submission before the end of Spring semester 1998 of a brief final report including course syllabus, statement of how grant funds were spent, as well as a program critique.

(4) A letter from the applicant's department chair or dean indicating support of the proposal for the proposed project.

(5) The applicant's curriculum vitae.

Selection Criteria: (not necessarily in order of importance)

(1) potential for distinguished contribution to teaching and to research/scholarship;

(2) evidence of creativity in the proposal and the proposal's over-all quality and relatedness to Program goals;

(3) diversity in gender, race, discipline, and university division;

(4) personal maturity and commitment to the academic vocation.

Submission Deadline: Applications with all supporting materials should be received before 4:30pm on Friday, February 14, 1997 at the Provost's Office, Room 200 Gibson Hall.

For More Information: Visit the Tulane Lilly Programs' www home. This website contains listing of current and past Lilly fellows, their projects; schedule of Lilly-sponsored events; a history of the Program and its c urrent services and policies; links to useful college teaching resources on the www; as well as a listing of holdings in Tulane Libraries relevant to teaching in colleges and universities.

Prospective applicants are encouraged also to contact the co-director, Professor Ed O'Neal (862-3310), Department of Psychology, 2007 Percival Stern Hall, email: neal@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu