OCLC Connexion Client:  Authority Record Searching and Saving Commands

Introduction List of authority file commands


This quick-reference list represents a selection of commonly used commands used when searching and saving authority records in the OCLC Connexion Client.   It covers searching and browsing authority records in the LC/NACO Name and Subject authority files as well as saving and searching records in the online and local authority save files.

For each one, multiple approaches are given:

For additional locally selected lists of Connexion commands, see:  "OCLC Connexion Client:  Lists of Commands."

For more complete lists and discussion of commands, see the OCLC Connexion Client Documentation page:  a comprehensive set of reference documents on many aspects of the Connexion client, covering topics from getting started to the finer points of searching, using save files, and editing.   This set now includes a Connexion Client Cataloging Quick Reference page, compiling information into a single (somewhat long) document.

List of authority file commands

LC/NACO Names and Subjects files Authority Save files

Command Menu Icon or symbolKeyboard shortcut
LC/NACO Name and Subject authority files
Search authority files Authorities, Search, LC Names and Subjects Shift-F2  or  Alt-U, S, A
or  Alt-U, [Enter], [Enter]
Browse authority files Authorities, Browse, LC Names and Subjects Alt-F2  or  Alt-U, B, A
or  Alt-U, B, [Enter]
View next record View, Forward F9   or  Alt-V, F
View previous record View, Back Shift-F9  or  Alt-V, B
View next 100 records View, Next 100 Records Alt-V, X
or  Control-Alt-Shift-X
or  keep holding down the Down cursor arrow
View previous 100 records View, Previous 100 Records Alt-V, V
or  Control-Alt-Shift-U
or  keep holding down the Up cursor arrow
Pin record View, Pinned Shift-F4  or  Alt-V, P
Authority Save files
Save record to online authority save file Action, Save Record to Online File Control-Alt-V  or  Alt-A, O
Search online authority save fileAuthorities, Search, Online Save File Alt-F3  or  Alt-U, S, S
or  Alt-U, [Enter], S
Save record to local authority save file Action, Save Record to Local File F4  or  Alt-A, S
Search local authority save fileAuthorities, Search, Local Save FileShift-F3  or  Alt-U, S, L
or  Alt-U, [Enter], L

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