OCLC Connexion Client:  Some Basic Commands

Introduction List of basic commands


This quick-reference list represents a selection of commonly used basic commands in the OCLC Connexion Client.

For each one, multiple approaches are given:

This document includes commands for:

For additional locally selected lists of Connexion commands, see:  "OCLC Connexion Client:  Lists of Commands."

For more complete lists and discussion of commands, see the OCLC Connexion Client Documentation page:  a comprehensive set of reference documents on many aspects of the Connexion client, covering topics from getting started to the finer points of searching, using save files, and editing.   This set now includes a Connexion Client Cataloging Quick Reference page, compiling information into a single (somewhat long) document.

List of basic commands

Command Menu Icon or symbolKeyboard shortcut
Logging on and off; exiting client:
Log on File, Log On Control-F1
or  Alt-F, L
Log offFile, Log Off Alt-F1  or  Alt-F, G
Close Connexion client File, ExitX in upper-right corner of applicationAlt-F4  or  Alt-F, X
Setting preferences:
Set preferences Tools, Options Alt T, O
View list of open windows WindowAlt-W
Switch windows Window,
<line no. listing selection>
or  Control-F6
or  Alt-W, <line number>
Close window Window, Close WindowX in upper-right corner of windowControl -F4
 or  Alt-W, W
Close all windows Window, Close AllAlt-W, S
Print File, PrintF12  or  Control-P
or  Alt-F, P
Exporting records:
Export Action, ExportF5  or  Alt-A, X
Getting help:
Help about Connexion client Help, Client HelpF1  or  Alt-H, H
Help about MARC code Help, MARC Field HelpShift-F1  or  Alt-H, M
Link to Client documentation Help, Useful Web Links,
Client Documentation
Alt-H, U, D
Link to client Tutorial Help, TutorialAlt-H, T

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21 March 2005

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