OCLC Connexion Client:  Editing Commands and Shortcuts

Introduction List of editing commands and shortcuts


This quick-reference list represents a selection of commonly used commands and shortcuts used to edit bib and authority records in the OCLC Connexion Client.

For each one, multiple approaches are given:

For some commands, the available right-click version is also listed.

This document includes commands to:

For additional locally selected lists of Connexion commands, see:  "OCLC Connexion Client:  Lists of Commands."

For more complete lists and discussion of commands, see the OCLC Connexion Client Documentation page:  a comprehensive set of reference documents on many aspects of the Connexion client, covering topics from getting started to the finer points of searching, using save files, and editing.   This set now includes a Connexion Client Cataloging Quick Reference page, compiling information into a single (somewhat long) document.

List of editing commands and shortcuts

Command Menu Icon or symbolKeyboard shortcutRight-click
Copy, cut, and paste:
Copy highlighted textEdit, Cut Copy Paste, Copy Control-CCopy
Cut highlighted textEdit, Cut Copy Paste, Cut Control-XCut
Paste highlighted text Edit, Cut Copy Paste, PasteControl-VPaste
Copy fieldEdit, Cut Copy Paste, Copy Field Alt-[Insert]
or  Alt-E, C, I
Copy Field
Paste field["Insert blank field" command;
then Paste command]
Copy OCLC control numberEdit, Cut Copy Paste, Copy Control NumberControl-T
or  Alt-E, C, Y
Copy Control Number
Add field:
Insert blank field
below current line
Edit, Cut Copy Paste, Insert Blank Field,
Below Current Field
Insert blank field
above current line
Edit, Cut Copy Paste, Insert Blank Field,
Above Current Field
Move field:
Move field up oneEdit, Cut Copy Paste, Move Field, UpAlt-Up arrow
or  Alt-E, C, M, U
Move field down oneEdit, Cut Copy Paste, Move Field, DownAlt-Down arrow
or  Alt-E, C, M, D
Delete highlighted textDelete key
or  Backspace key
or  Space bar
Delete wordAlt-F7
Delete to end of cellControl-F7
Delete single fieldEdit, Cut Copy Paste, Delete FieldAlt-[Delete]
or  Alt-E, C, L
Delete Field
Diacritics and special characters:
Enter diacriticEdit, Enter DiacriticsControl-E
or  Alt-E, N
Subfield delimiterEdit, Enter Diacritics,
<select from table>

<select from table>
Check keyboard shortcut
for diacritic, etc.
View, Assigned KeysAlt-V, A
Reformat and validate:
ReformatEdit, ReformatControl-R
or  Alt-E, R
ValidateEdit, ValidateShift-F5
or  Alt-E, V
or  Alt-E, [Enter]
Help about MARC codeHelp, MARC Field HelpShift-F1
or  Alt-H, M
MARC Field Help
Undo editing:
Undo last editingEdit, Cut Copy Paste, UndoControl-Z
or  Alt-E, C, U
Cancel all changes
(undo all editing)
Edit, Cut Copy Paste, Cancel ChangesControl-Shift-Z
or  Alt-E, C, A

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