OCLC Connexion Client:  Searching and Retrieving Commands

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This quick-reference list represents a selection of commonly used commands for searching and retrieving records in the OCLC Connexion Client.  The primary focus is on searching and retrieving bib records, in OCLC WorldCat.  At the same time, many of these commands also work when searching and retrieving authority records.

For each one, multiple approaches are given:

For additional locally selected lists of Connexion commands, see:  "OCLC Connexion Client:  Lists of Commands."

For more complete lists and discussion of commands, see the OCLC Connexion Client Documentation page:  a comprehensive set of reference documents on many aspects of the Connexion client, covering topics from getting started to the finer points of searching, using save files, and editing.   This set now includes a Connexion Client Cataloging Quick Reference page, compiling information into a single (somewhat long) document.

List of searching and retrieving commands

Command Menu Icon or symbolKeyboard shortcut
Search WorldCat Cataloging,
Search, WorldCat
F2  or  Alt-C, S, W
or  Alt-C, [Enter], [Enter]
Browse WorldCat Cataloging,
Browse, WorldCat
or  Alt-C, B, W
or  Alt-C, B, [Enter]
View brief display View, List Type, Brief Alt-V, Y, B
View truncated display View, List Type, Truncated Alt-V, Y, T
View next group View, Next Group Alt-V, G
View previous group View, Previous Group Alt-V, E
View next record View, Forward F9   or  Alt-V, F
View previous record View, Back Shift-F9  or  Alt-V, B
Pin record View, Pinned Shift-F4  or  Alt-V, P

Additional tips

Enter search Click “OK” box  or  Hit Enter.
Page down (Browse) Use “Page Down” key.
Page up (Browse) Use “Page Up” key.
Sort brief or truncated display Click on header of list column:
once for ascending order, twice for descending order.
Retrieve record Double-click
or  Highlight using up or down cursor arrow; hit Enter.
Search history
(Retrieve previous search)
Click on drop-down menu:
-- in command line search area
-- in text boxes within guided keyword/numeric search area.

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8 April 2005

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