Cataloging Department Notifying Preservation about Serial Title Changes


  1. Title Change Notification is Not sent to the Preservation Dept. from Cataloging for the following types of serials: Math Library; serial issues received on blanket, approval or as gifts.


  1. Utilize the Title Change Notification form: This form is also used by the Serials Acquisitions Department, and will normally accompany journals requiring title change work and will also be partially filled out.


  1. Adjust and add information to a Title Change Notification form [shown here before editing] for each title change:


    1. Address/direct the form:

·      Address the form to the Preservation Dept., by adding that department’s name to the “To” section after a forward slash. It would read something like: “To Cataloging [or person in Cataloging]/Preservation”

·      Immediately below this in the “From” section, add “Cataloging Dept.” in the same manner, and then add the current date and your initials.


    1. “Old title” section: Serials Acquisitions staff will fill out most of this information. Add information if necessary. If it is known, the actual published last issue should be recorded in this section. If we don’t have the last issue, but the last issue is known, record the last issue and make a note indicating what our latest issue in hand is. If the last published issue is not known for certain, our latest issue for the old title can be recorded here without a note.


    1. “New title” section: Serial Acquisitions staff will have filled out much of this section also. Normally, the Cataloging Dept will add the call number, whether it has changed or not. In recording “First issue of new title” the same criteria applies as with recording the last issue as explained above in b.


    1. Notes: add explanatory notes as necessary.


  1. More complex title change situations:


a.    Mergers, multiple absorptions: utilizing more than one Title Change notification form to record mergers or multiple absorptions, record each old title and new title on separate forms, including the requisite designations of the last and first issues. Record contact/address information only on the new title form. Staple the forms together with the form for the new title on top and make an explanatory note on it such as: “Titles merged [or been absorbed, etc.] to form this new title”.


b.    Splits: for each new split title, fill out a complete Title Change Notification form as described in this document.




Engineering and mining journal

Merged with: Mining and scientific press, to form: Engineering and mining journal-press


Form 1: in “Old title” record: Mining and scientific press, and record last issue designation.

Form 2: in “Old title” record: Engineering and mining journal, and record last issue designation.

Form 3: in “New title” record: Engineering and mining journal-press. Record contact/address information, first issue of new title, and at the top: Titles merged [or absorbed] to form this new title.


Billboard (Cincinnati, Ohio : 1896)

Split into: Billboard music week, and: Amusement business


Form 1: fill out completely with Billboard music week as the new title

Form 2: fill out completely with Amusement business as the new title



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Reviewed: April 2, 2002