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This summary is intended to deal with the most common situations encountered in copy cataloguing with accompanying material:

For additional information to cover less common situations, consult the fuller document:  Accompanying Material: Copy Cataloguing Procedures.  For example, consult that document for procedures when:

The procedures described below for holdings records, item records, and physical processing also apply to original cataloguing.  For instructions on original bib record cataloguing with electronic accompanying material, see the notes:  Original Cataloguing with Electronic Accompanying Material. [still pending approval as of 26 Feb. 2008]

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Do not generally run (play) the non-print item in order to verify information.  If the physical format is in question, either:

Bib record

300 e       Accompanying material physical description:

Make sure 300 includes a e subfield with at least the type of accompanying material and number of items.

E.g.      300 ... + e 1 CD-ROM
E.g.      300 ... + e 2 sound discs       [for audio CD]
E.g.      300 ... + e 1 videodisc       [for standard DVDs]
E.g.      300 ... + e 2 DVD-ROMs
E.g.      300 ... + e 1 CD-ROM + 1 sound disc       [2 types of accompanying materials]

538      System requirements/System details:

Basic information on the hardware (including amount of memory), software (including software release), and any peripherals or extra hardware features (e.g., monitor, DVD-ROM drive) that will be needed to run or play an electronic resource.  Also for DVD encoding.

E.g.      538     a System requirements for CD-ROM: IBM PC; 64K; color card; 1 disk drive, color monitor.
E.g.      538     a DVD; Region 2.

Review 538 for accuracy if this information is easily available in your book or on the accompanying material label or packaging.  If the information cannot be located easily and quickly, simply accept 538.

Do not add.  Exception:  Do note DVDs with PAL or non-Region-1 encoding.

5XX      Other notes:

740      Analytic title:

Check or add 740 with a title found on accompanying material that is different from 245 a (if it is not present in 246).


See below, under Statistics.

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MARC Holdings Record

Exception:  For multivolume monographs with a large or particularly complex number of volumes, see the fuller procedures document.

Fixed-field leader:      Record type code:    v   (multivolume monograph)

852:      Standard 852 based on book location and call number


E.g.      866 ... a 1 v. + 1 CD-ROM

E.g.      866 ... a 1 v. + 1 CD-ROM + 1 Audio CD     [2 types of accompanying materials]

E.g.      866 ... a 1 v. + 2 DVDs z <DVDs in 1 container>

E.g.      866 ... a v. 1 + 2 Audio CDs     [the CDs came inside v. 1 of a multivolume set]
  866 ... a v. 2

E.g.      866 ... a v. 1-3 + 1 DVD
    [the DVD accompanied the multivolume set; it was not associated with a specific book volume]

E.g.      866 ... a 1 v. + 4 DVD-ROMs z <DVD-ROMs in 2 containers>

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Item record

Book:  Standard book item record with designated location, appropriate item type, etc.

Accompanying materialEach container has its own item record.

Perm. Loc.

Material accompanying non-LAL Howard-Tilton books HT Media Collection
Material accompanying LAL books HT Media Collection (lal)

Item Type

CD-ROM and DVD-ROM MediaSoftwareAccompanying
Audio CD MediaAudioAccompanying
DVD MediaVideoAccompanying

Exception:  Materials accompanying books for Reference locations should be assigned Item Type Ref.


E.g.      CD-ROM
E.g.      Audio CD 1
E.g.      DVD 2
E.g.      DVD-ROM 1/2       [2 DVDs, both in the same container]
E.g.      CD-ROM + Audio CD


Use for multiple pieces in 1 physical container.  See Voyager Item Record:  Pieces Count for instructions.

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Physical processing


If a disc does not come with a durable case, put it in a library-supplied plastic case (available from the Processing supply cabinet).  Two discs can be housed in a double case.


Avoid obscuring any useful information that may be present.

Routing slip:     Put Media routing slip in CD case with


Stamp book with "Accompanying item shelved in Media Collection," on inside back cover, below barcode.


Place media case in Processing on far left shelf labelled Media.  (Book goes on its regular truck or shelf.)

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Record in the 948 k subfield information on accompanying material housed separately from the book.  It should be the last 948 subfield, after f, g, and h.  Specify:

Put information about multiple types of accompanying material in a single 948 k subfield.

E.g.     Book with 1 CD-ROM:

948 a 20080405 b wst c o d 1 e 1 k cdrom

E.g.     Book in 2 volumes, with 4 audio CDs; PCC upgrade cataloguing:

948 a 20080808 b rmw c o d 1 e 2 h pcc k 4 cds

E.g.     Book with 1 CD-ROM and 1 DVD-ROM:

948 a 20080717 b bds c ow d 1 e 1 k cdrom + dvdrom

Please note:  The number of accompanying items in the 948 k may not be the same as the number of containers in which we are storing them, so it may not match the number of item records.  It should reflect the number of accompanying items listed in the holdings record 866 or 866s, a.

E.g.     866 ... a 1 v. + 4 DVD-ROMs z <DVD-ROMs in 2 containers>

948 ... k 4 dvdroms

E.g.     866 ... a 1 v. + 2 DVDs + 1 CD-ROM z <DVDs in 1 container>

948 ... k 2 dvds + cdrom

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