Accompanying Material: Copy Cataloguing Checklist for Material Staying with Piece

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Like the summary copy cataloguing procedures for accompanying materials, this list applies to books as the main piece, catalogued for a Howard-Tilton location.

In this case, the accompanying materials are:

The main difference in treatment from accompanying CD-ROMs, audio CDs, DVDs, and DVD-ROMs:  the print and microfiche accompanying materials remain with the main book.

Consult the fuller document “Accompanying Material: Copy Cataloguing Procedures” when:

For questions, consult that document or ask your trainer or supervisor.

The procedures described below for holdings records, item records, and physical processing also apply to original cataloguing.

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In addition to information in the main book about the accompanying material:

Bib record

300 ‡e       Accompanying material physical description

Make sure 300 includes a ‡e subfield with at least the type of accompanying material and number of items.  (The location of the accompanying material may be present in this subfield, although it is often spelled out in a 500 note.)

E.g.      300 ... + ‡e 4 maps (folded)
E.g.      300 ... + ‡e 6 microfiches in pocket       [the book came with the pocket]

5XX      Notes

740      Analytic title

Check or add 740 with a title found on accompanying material that is different from 245 ‡a (if it is not present in 246).

948 ‡e       Statistics

Count only the number of book volumes; do not include the accompanying material.

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MARC Holdings Record

Fixed-field leader:      Type of Record code:  The appropriate code for the book (single-item or multivolume monograph)

852:      Standard 852 ‡b, ‡h, and ‡i based on book location and call number


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Item record

Provide standard book item record(s) with designated location, appropriate item type, etc.

Do not list accompanying material in the Enum field. Instead --

Account for the accompanying material in the pieces count and note.  See “Voyager Item Records:  Pieces Count.”

E.g.      In item record for a book containing 6 maps in pocket:

      Pieces count:    7
      Item record note:    PIECES: 1 book + 6 maps

E.g.      In item record for a book containing a pamphlet and a poster in pocket:

      Pieces count:    3
      Item record note:    PIECES: 1 book + 1 pamphlet + 1 poster

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Physical processing