Notes on LC Classification of Archaeological Works

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Introduction Some problems and exceptions
Classification patterns


As a discipline, archaeology is related to or has affinities with both anthropology and history.  This mixed nature is reflected in the treatment of archaeology in the LC Classification System, which is not altogether straightforward.

The first step in classifying an archaeological work is to identify the category and areas into which it falls.

Distinction between categories:

  1. Works about discipline of archaeology, including methodology, works on archaeologists, etc.; works on antiquities in general


  2. Reports, discussion on archaeology of particular places, peoples, periods, etc.

    Within the latter category, there are two broad areas of division to consider:

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Classification patterns

Broadly speaking:

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Some problems and exceptions

One common error is the classification of a work on prehistoric archaeology as historical.  The reverse error is also found.  Works on Bronze Age and Iron Age sites can be tricky, since those periods are not automatically prehistoric -- it depends on the culture.

There are also some exceptions to the general pattern.  For example:

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